How To Choose Floor Lamp

By JulieLast update: 2023-07-24

There are numerous options available if you're wanting to purchase a floor lamp. Due to their wide variety of sizes, shapes, and styles, floor lamps are a very versatile addition to any space in your house.

Floor lamps can serve as useful lights in addition to making a fashionable statement in your house by providing both ambient and job lighting. With so many variations available, it's critical to consider exactly what you require from floor lamps in order to obtain the best illumination for your space you could find how to choose floor lamp in this article. They can even be relocated from one room to another as needed, which is even better. Additionally, floor lamps offer three types of lighting: ambient, job, and accent.

Different types of Floor lamp

Despite the fact that all floor lamps have the same basic structural components, there are many different floor lamp designs to choose from. It's crucial to comprehend the various varieties of floor lamps in order to choose the ideal ones for your home. The different types of floor lamps that you're going to encounter when attempting to alter the lighting in your house are listed below.

Torchiere floor lamp

One of the most well-known and recognized floor lamps is the torchiere, which can be identified by its vertical, torch-like shape and the upward-facing lighting element at the base of a pillar. The term for "torch" in French is the source of the name.

Torchieres don't take up a lot of light floor area, and the discrete design is useful and well-liked. Torchieres also have the benefit of offering general lighting. The form sends light toward the sky, where it reflects and fills the space with a pleasant general light.

Club floor lamp

A common variety of stick lamps is the club lamp, which is made for area lighting. These lamps often have a pull chain-operated twin or three-way socket.

A club light can be purchased in any style, just like a torchiere. A foundation, a pole or pole, as well as a shade which softens light flowing out the sides make up the parts. Club lamps typically cost around the same as torch lamps, that are available in a range of pricing from low to high. Some of these lamps have substantial bases which help it stand upright, but others have flimsier bases that need to be leveled.

Floor lamp with adjustable club

The normal club lamp is modified by the adjustable club light fixture, whose height may be adjusted to meet different needs. Some of these lamps' bases are more sturdy than others, and this design is typically utilized for area illumination. Adjustable lamps can cost a little more than basic examples of the same design. A lot of club lighting also includes distinctive designs and beautiful shades.

Arc floor lamp

Arc floor lamps mix style and function to give you the ideal ambient lighting and directional reading light. Arc floor lamp are is one terrific option for a striking appearance because they make an impression in any space. For lighting huge couches or to replace a fixture over the dinner table, arc floor lights are perfect.

Floor Lamp with Six-ways

The six-way floor lamp, often known as a "mogul lamp," uses a central three-way bulb that can be used concurrently or independently as desired, and is flanked by up to three supplementary bulbs. These lights often sell for extremely low rates and are excellent for illuminating big spaces. This design employs several bulbs, so as they eventually burn out, more will have to be changed.

Reading floor lamp

To make them more convenient to use when reading or studying at a desk or table task floor lights are frequently adjustable. Downbridge lights are another name for task floor lamps; however, they lack a dimmer for the light. Task floor lamps is a wonderful choice if you require illumination for your area, specifically if you need the mobility to move them around the room.

Shaded floor lamp

A single pole, a solid base, and a table lamp with the bulb inside are the typical components of a shaded floor lamp. So that the space has the ideal, ambient lighting, lamp coverings help to spread the light more equally.

How to choose floor lamp

The ideal technique to decide on a floor lamp would be to ascertain how much illumination your room requires because there are several distinct floor lamps for each category that can fit any design style. While some lights may look nice in your room, they may not give enough light, and some may even seem overly bright. Tower lamps are capable of producing a gentle glow, although they don't provide as much useful light as other standard models.

Lamp height

The catch is that height entirely depends upon the amount tall you want to spend. A fan with either a height of 60 to 70 inches would be ideal for use in a typical area like the sitting room. There are lights available on the market with varied heights.

Bulb lights

Check to see if the light bulbs are part of the lamp or if you need to purchase them separately. If you purchase the light bulb separately, there are two benefits: first, you can easily select the best one on your own, and second, the quality and branding of the bulb is yours. The drawback is that a decent bulb will cost more money, which is another drawback.

Simple to construct

The floor lamp must be relatively simple to put together, which means that you ought to be able to do it in a few moments instead of spending hours figuring out how to combine the various parts.


Another consideration is where you need to keep the floor lamp. For example, if you're purchasing a floor lamp in your living room, choosing one that can provide dim light in every crevice and corner may be sufficient. Additionally, if you want to purchase one for your bedroom, purchasing one with a very faint light could be ideal as you will be asleep with that lighting.

Cover or raise an arm

The shape is typically composed of plastic, glass, or thin cloth. Well, which one they would like to seek for depends wholly and totally on you. The majority of individuals choose plastic or lightweight cloth covers because they are portable and don't require any further maintenance.

The pole's composition

Some poles are constructed of wood, while others are made of metal. Most of the time, individuals choose materials that are strong and sufficiently lasting thus that they can utilize them for as lengthy as they like. Additionally, use a lightweight material to make carrying it from place to this other easier for you.


Finding a merchandise that is really lightweight can help you move it easily from one area to the next or even move it to a different city or town while you are moving.

Additional arm or light

There are several floor lamps that have additional arms, and we have discussed this in the section on different types of floor lights. You can choose that one because it would brighten the space more.

Patterned lamps

There are several lamps that include a continuous color changing feature. If you want to give your room more character, you can either purchase the associated bulb or find one with the light.


From cheap, strictly practical models to hundreds of dollars for aesthetic or design pieces, the price of floor lamps might vary greatly. In general, the more elaborate the design or prestigious the name, the more pricey the item will be, but a floor lamp's nature means that a great design may frequently double as a piece of art again for the space it is in.


Overall, there are many possibilities and choices when selecting a floor lamp, but the objective is always to choose a floor lamp which complements your environment and demands. We hope this article could lead you through our top suggestions for choosing floor lamp that is going to brighten up your room.

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