Nail Gun Not Shooting Nails

By LaytonLast update: 2024-04-26

The nail gun is a must-have for everyone commencing from the DIY users to contractors. When your nail gun fails to functions appropriately, it builds up frustrations in the middle of your project. It is challenging to have a nail gun that does not shoot nails, and more so if you do not know how to handle the problem. In this article, you will learn about the cause of the nail gun not shooting nails and how to make your nail gun work effectively once more.

and for all. If you do this appropriately, you will not have an issue with nail jamming in your gun once more.

Power supply interruption

The nail guns require a definite source of power for them to function effectively. In case there is a power supply interruption, then the nail gun is not likely to fire. Furthermore, the source of power for your nail gun may differ depending on the model of the nail gun. A nail gun that seems to be cordless depends on the battery for the source of power. Ensure that you examine your battery for as well as the battery contact. In case the battery is excellent, you need to examine the contact closely.

On the other hand, contacts are prone to bending due to daily use; if not, they might be corroded. Note that when you use different batteries that are not correct for your nail gun, they can also cause severe damage to the contact. If the battery you are using is outdated, it is ideal that you change it and clean your battery contacts properly. In case your nail gun seems to be pneumatic, then ensure that you examine your nail gun's air compressor. Once you pull your trigger and you experience the air leakage, consider O-Ring or valves not sealed as required.

You must know that the O-ring has the potential to break from wear and tear or even improper positioning after cleaning your gun. If it is not tampered with, pull it over your firing valve and apply grease to solve the problem. However, if it is broken, you must replace it with a new one.

Moreover, if you hail a corded nail gun, you need to examine the energy cord if it is supplying energy or not. Therefore, altering the faulty one is the ideal way to ensure power.

How to handle the problem?

This tool is likely to get stuck like other power devices and if you are a Tools lord, this is something you understand. Before you commence handling the issue, you must know that your safety comes first. Ensure that you have protective gear, such as gloves and goggles, to protect your eyes and hands from unnecessary accidents.

Step 1- Disconnect your power source.

It is appropriate that you disconnect the energy source tool before you start on repair and maintenance. This is also a must when it comes to clearing the jam of the nail gun. You can disconnect the power by eliminating your air hose from your nail gun for the pneumatic framing nailer. In cases of battery nail guns, ensure that you remove your battery from the entire system to prevent accidental fire.

Step 2- Remove strips of the fastener.

After disconnecting the fire source, you need to remove unfired nails from the entire magazine. Please do not ignore this step since it will help you in preventing accidental firing. You need to make sure that you unplug the tool and get rid of the entire nails from the magazine.

Step 3- Eliminate jammed or stuck nails.

When you are through, proceed to the jam stage. Here, it is appropriate to follow the manual script rules because varying brands have varying approaches. To remove the stuck nail appropriately, follow the procedures below:

  • Open nail gun barrel using the release lever
  • Dislodge the jammed nails

Step 4- Organize as you reload your magazine.

Suppose you are through with the entire process of unjamming. Put a new strip of nails in an appropriate direction. Then slide your pusher back above your nails, and it will be picking and placing them in position if you insert them correctly.

Step 5- Restore our source of power and examine via testing.

After all, connect the device to the power source. It is appropriate that you examine your gun on the scrap wood before aiming for the final firing. This is to ensure that it is working properly.


Based on the above information, you now understand why your nail gun is not shooting nails and how to remedy it. Moreover, handling jammed nail guns is no hassle since you do not need any unique clutch or tool. You only need to know the entire process and stay alert. Ensure that you regularly grease your nail gun to minimize the nail gun from getting jam.

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