5 AC Mistakes That Cost You Money

By LaytonLast update: 2024-05-12

It’s almost impossible not to turn on your air-conditioner (AC) during the peak of the summer. With the intensely hot weather you’re experiencing, you must be sweating excessively and have no other choice but to turn on your AC. However, while it can provide comfort, it can also help with increasing your electric bills, hurting your pockets in the long run.

Some people might think that turning on your AC is enough to keep your room cool. However, if you’re making some mistakes, these might cost you more money. This is because your AC isn’t functioning as it should or is forced to work harder. Thus, if you’re in Virginia and need an air conditioning repair Capon Bridge or even an AC replacement, consider highly skilled technicians to help you with your problem.

To allow your AC to maximize its power, here are five AC mistakes that cost you money:

1. Failure To Clean Your AC

Like other furniture or appliance you have inside your home, you need to clean your AC all the time to keep it in tip-top shape. Failing to do so could clog your AC’s air filters, so releasing cool air inside your home becomes difficult. When this happens, it will force your AC to work harder, thus resulting in a higher electric bill or a shortened life span for your AC.

To keep it in its best form for as long as possible, perform a regular cleaning routine of your AC. You should take out its removable filters and wash them with running water and mild soap to remove all the dust they have accumulated. You should call a professional AC cleaning service at least every three months for a thorough cleaning. Aside from helping clean your unit, they can provide a quick inspection to give you insights into the condition of your AC.

2. Using The Wrong Unit Size

When purchasing a new AC, you might be tempted to buy the cheapest model in the market as you only need a quick relief to survive summer. However, if you have a big room and you purchased an underperforming AC, you might not be able to achieve your desired temperature. In this case, your AC unit has to work twice as hard as it strives to reach your set temperature as much as it can. Therefore, to prevent your AC from pushing its limits and allow it to function as it should, ensure that you purchase the right unit size for the room you plan to install it in.

Depending on the size of the room, consider a specific sizing requirement when purchasing your portable or built-in AC. The appropriately sized AC can conveniently provide cool air as it has the right capacity to do so. However, if you’re hesitant about the sizing guidelines, you can always purchase an AC unit that’s one size bigger to help cool your room seamlessly. Going for bigger ones would always be better than a smaller unit for your AC’s size. This will allow you to set it to a higher temperature and never force your AC to work doubly hard.

3. Placing The AC Incorrectly

Surprisingly, your AC’s position can also affect your electric bill, even if you’re trying all possible ways to reduce your usage during the day. Placing your AC on the wrong side of the room can compromise its functions, so it would have to work twice as hard. Thus, this will result in a higher electric bill and may lead to a faulty unit sooner than anticipated.

To protect your AC’s health and allow it to function well, you should place your AC away from a sunny spot. However, if you can’t keep it away from direct sunlight, you might want to consider adding extra shade for protection. Additionally, keeping its surrounding area clean will allow for better ventilation, helping your AC work at its best.

4. Forgetting To Seal The Room Well

One of the biggest causes of high electric bills when using an AC unit is not sealing well the room where it is installed. Keeping the room wide open will only force your AC to work harder to reach your set temperature. To allow your AC to function seamlessly, ensure that you close your doors and windows every time you need to turn on your AC. This small step can help you achieve a more productive AC unit.

Yet if you notice that your electric bill’s still the same even after closing the doors and windows, there might be cracks and gaps you may not know of inside your room. Seal your windows and doors tightly by using a seal strip that provides a secure attachment while still allowing you to open and close them.

5. Not Scheduling Your Thermostat

Imagine the money you’re spending on your electric bills if your AC connects to a thermostat and you’re not using it to maximize its benefits. To reduce your costs, you might want to consider maximizing the programmable thermostat and setting it to a lower temperature at times when everyone is around and would get to enjoy the cool air. During downtimes, you can choose to turn up the temp or even consider turning off the machine.

Ideally, you should purchase a smart thermostat that allows you to set a schedule inside your home, where it will turn on and set a specific temperature during the day. With this program, you can gradually enable your home to be more efficient, thus helping you save on electric bills. Moreover, you also don’t have to worry about setting the AC manually, as the thermostat would handle everything for you.


Turning on your AC unit all the time can increase your electric bills, especially if you’re not doing it right. Yet by following the right tips and tricks, you should be able to maximize what your AC offers without breaking the bank. Furthermore, while you care for your AC, allow it to have a longer life span as well, so it wouldn’t need an immediate replacement.

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