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How To Choose Bathroom Vanity

By JulieLast update: 2024-01-11

As you know, depending on the size of the house, there will be large and narrow rooms. However, bathrooms always give way to more important rooms, so many people choose to keep their containers as minimal and compact as possible. The bathroom vanity will help your handle.

But how to choose bathroom vanity is not only beautiful but also fits your budget. Let's find out with us right below the article!

1. Material of bathroom vanity


This is a durable and easy to clean material, if you're looking for a low-maintenance countertop this is a great choice. They come in a variety of styles and colors to suit any space. The ceramic dressing surface of vanity has good natural moisture resistance. But they need periodic sealing to keep them from spoiling. Buy ceramic dishware.


Stone materials, especially natural stone, will bring elegance and elegance. Starting from granite to marble, you have many options available, each with its own look. It's a big investment, but it's extremely durable and stain resistant. You just need to polish the stone regularly to keep it looking its best.

Glass face

If you want a modern, sleek look, then glass countertops will be a great choice. Usually glass is easy to install and has excellent stain resistance. However, make sure you use a non-scratch cleaner and a cleaning cloth to keep the shine.


It was also named laminate or acrylic, it's the most budget-friendly for vanities. In addition, it is also very durable, low maintenance, easy to install and comes in a variety of styles. When the surface is scratched, you can use fine sandpaper to polish the surface.


Wood is a material that adds a rustic and friendly aesthetic to the bathroom. Therefore, you should pair a wooden table top with a metal base to create an industrial or natural look with a wooden top and base. However, wood also needs to be sealed regularly to prevent water seepage and warping.

2. Measure the space for bathroom vanity

When you choose any of the furniture in the home then the measurement of your space. We will share some tips to make choosing and installing a bathroom vanity easy.

  1. Consider enough room for door openings including entrance and shower and trim. Since every space is different, when opening doors and vanity drawers, measuring the size of your bathroom is essential. This ensures the vanity isn't too large or disruptive.
  2. Remember features like mirrors, electrical switches and sockets.
  3. Check the plumbing location as this can determine the width of your vanity. Since then, moving the pipeline reduces costs.
  4. Standard building codes should be followed, a minimum of 18 inches from the edge of the cabinet to the center of the toilet. You have to measure the cabinet size makeup and top of the cabinet if any. Besides that, measure the amount of storage and who will use it. Same with table top height. Depending on the height of each person will choose how tall is enough.

Width: from 12 to 84 inches; Typical cabinet widths that are 24, 30, 36, 48 and 60 inches

Height: 31 to 35 1/2 inches

Depth: 17 to 24 inches

Where if you do not buy a vanity without a top, you should need to measure for the countertop. Also, the measure of the width and depth of the bathroom vanity. In particular, the dressing cabinet should be 1 inch wider and 1 inch deeper than the vanity cabinet.

Make sure there is an allowance for fillers if you use them. Extra spacers or strips are a piece of wood used next to a vanity to close the space between the vanity and the wall.

3. Style Of bathroom vanity

Type of sink

There are two types of vanity in the bathroom including the base type and the built-in type. For a dressing table freely suitable for small spaces and many designs. Some integrated models will add more space and storage on the countertop.

At the same time, you also need to consider the type of sink that comes in round, oval, square and rectangular shapes. Including:

Undermount A sink is a sink that is mounted underneath a countertop.

Drop-in sinks will include sinks located on the countertop and the base under the countertop.

Vessel Sins then will have a sink located on top of the counter.

A wall-mounted sink is the type that is always attached to the wall and creates a feeling of spaciousness in a small bathroom.

Floating Vanities

Modern bathrooms or rooms with a small area will be equipped with a floating vanity. This type will be wall-mounted and legless, creating a floating feel and making the bathroom feel more spacious.

Corner Vanities

This is a vanity suitable for small bathrooms, vanity rooms or bathrooms with confusing layouts. They usually take up little space and come in both traditional and modern styles.

Double wash basin

Equipping a double sink will save time spent every morning and you don't have to wait for your turn. If you're planning to remodel and change from a one-sink vanity to a two-sink vanity, be sure to measure to make sure there's enough space.

Tops of vanity

When shopping for a vanity you need to consider whether it's easier to install a vanity with a top, but you're always limited to the top that's sold with the vanity. In addition, choosing a dressing table without a lid makes it easier to choose materials. What's more, surfacing is available in a variety of materials including solid, glass, cultured and natural stone.

4. Color and Finish of bathroom vanity

Usually vanity finishes will be made of glass, metal or wood and especially come in a variety of colors. In general, a black and white bathroom vanity is always the most popular, besides other colors and finishes will tend to follow navy blue, gray, light oak and rich espresso. Moreover, if you want something special, you can manually paint the cabinets in the style you want.

5. Hardware of bathroom vanity

It is advisable to check the description on the dressing table you want to buy. As there will be some including door hardware and drawers.

6. Warehouse of bathroom vanity

Are the vanities usually located in the main bathroom or the dressing room? Living room or children's bathroom? Think carefully about your specific requirements. If you're using the bathroom every day, ample storage with drawers and countertop space is always important.

7. Faucet of bathroom vanity

Nearly all vanities are prefabricated with faucets. Along with common openings for wide hubs or faucets.

Spacious faucet: will include a faucet with separate hot and cold water handles. They are also available with 6- to 16-inch drill bits for 3-hole pre-installed tubs.

Centered faucet: made for 4 inches with 3 hole installation sinks. In addition, it combines a faucet and valve on a single base unit. Centered faucets can have a single-handle mixer or two-handle mixers mounted on a 6-inch plate.


Choosing the vanity is always a difficult problem for those who want to minimize their bathroom space. Therefore, through our how to choose bathroom vanity sharing lines, you will surely choose the right product and type of bathroom vanity.

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