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Different Types Of Bathroom Vanities

By JulieLast update: 2023-08-19

Don’t you have plans to remodel your bathroom? Don't know how to choose objects for your bathroom? How to arrange personal belongings in the most reasonable way? Firstly, you need to determine whether your bathroom space is large or small to ensure functionality, and at the same time you also need to add different types of bathroom vanities to get a suitable bathroom vanity. his time.

What's more, single sinks, double sink vanities to double bathroom vanities are convenient combinations for your bathroom space. A great vanity will provide a comfortable place not only to store items, but also to ensure a great sink. In general, some bathroom vanities are specially designed with luxurious features all around to create a luxurious style.

However, you need to pay attention to the quality, the way you want to install it because a dressing table converges all factors such as style, function, material.

And without wasting your time, let's take a closer look at the different types of bathroom vanities.

1. Sink of bathroom vanities

Different Types Of Bathroom Vanities

Choosing a sink with a pedestal is called a freestanding sink. Often this will come with a strong look that adds a sense of class to any bathroom. So you can put it in any bathroom, and match any theme you want to set.

Moreover, you should customize the pedestal sink with one of a variety of add-ons. Alternatively, you can also add a stand or other material to the body of the sink.

However, you must also check for possible add-ons for your device before using it.

2. Free standing of bathroom vanities

Different Types Of Bathroom Vanities

It is considered a standing bathroom vanity and is designed with some functional features like a pedestal sink, but it is still in a square or rectangular shape. Besides, it can support one or two sinks in one place. Mostly, wood is the material of choice for the design and finish, although there are still some ceramics that can be found on top.

3. Wall Mount / Float of bathroom vanities

Different Types Of Bathroom Vanities

The wall mounted vanity is a little different because it is mounted directly to the wall surface in the bathroom. How to measure it well: it fits in the bathroom and does not take up much space.

In addition, it is directly connected to the floor. You should be cautious about how you plan to use it anyway. As it is susceptible to any repulsion or form of force added to the surface. Too much force can cause the vanity to fall off the wall and damage the bathroom if you're not careful.

4. Vessel of bathroom vanities

Different Types Of Bathroom Vanities

It mainly appears in luxury restaurants and hotel lobbies. This is a vanity that uses bowls to rise around the sink area. With a design that protrudes from the main body of the vanity and has a link to a separate faucet. Also, the storage spots in the lower part are similar to anything else but the sink will have a nicer look. However, it can reduce quite a lot of space

5. Undermount sink of bathroom vanities

Different Types Of Bathroom Vanities
It is usually bottom mounted using a basin placed just inside the vanity. Give the vanity a more modern and sophisticated identity with an overall flatter look. Around it there are still some protrusions on the outside of the tub to create a distinctive look.

This is a bottom-mounted design that doesn't give the vanity as much storage space as some other options.

6. Vanity cabinet

Different Types Of Bathroom Vanities

Dressing cabinet, it is designed with a series of sliding doors like a traditional kitchen cabinet. It's mostly a classic look that's very attractive and creates a nice tone. Therefore, it is also a basic choice suitable for simple or rough design needs to add to a space.

7. Solid Plywood

Different Types Of Bathroom Vanities

Wood is known to be a popular material for vanities, but solid plywood is also a good option to consider. It is the same hardwood as in the attic or other parts of the house. Most solid plywood is made of several sheets of wood glued together to create a solid block. It has the ability to handle moisture.

8. Particle board