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Benefits Of Wind Chimes

By JulieLast update: 2024-06-14

Wind chimes are one of the decorations that many families and young people love. However, there are also many people who have doubts and bad reviews about feng shui when hanging wind chimes. Is this the truth? Find a solution to this problem in the article below.

What is a wind chime?

Wind chimes are one of the items used to decorate and create a comfortable atmosphere due to their clear sound. Moreover, wind chimes are also one of the feng shui items that bring more fortune and luck for the family.

What does the wind chime do?

Wind chimes, in addition to the main function of decoration, creating pleasant sounds, can also bring many values in terms of feng shui.

According to the Buddhist concept, stillness is death, and movement is life. Therefore, the appearance of feng shui wind chimes in the family will help the space get the sound to create a "living" feeling for the house. Therefore, when the wind chimes make a sound, it also means that a good omen is coming.

Hanging wind chimes according to feng shui has 2 main effects:

  • Dispel bad luck, banish evil.
  • Attract wealth and luck.

In order for feng shui wind chimes to work to dispel bad luck and attract good fortune for the family will depend on:

  • Wind chimes hanging position.
  • Wind chime type.

The feng shui power of wind chimes is great, but you don't have to choose to buy beautiful wind chimes hanging in the house, wind chimes hanging in front of the door can attract good luck and neutralize bad luck. The use of feng shui wind chimes needs to ensure its own rules and avoid some taboos in feng shui.

What does wind chime mean?

Wind chimes are objects that hold many meanings both in love and feng shui, as follows:

Meaning of wind chimes in love

Legend has it that the wind chimes carry the message of love that is "I will be with you forever", linking the couple's long-term love. If one of the two is lost, the wind chimes will help them get back together soon. If you want to wish someone to always have a lot of luck and happiness, wind chimes are a really meaningful gift.

Meaning of wind chimes in feng shui

  • Attracting fortune, bringing good fortune: Wind chimes make an invigorating sound and a feeling of freshness and vitality. It is believed that the clear sound of wind chimes will help the surrounding space to have more positive energy, bringing more luck and fortune.
  • Unlucky: Wind chimes are made of many metal rods, which when collided with each other will create a solid sound with feng shui power to help suppress bad energies. From there, banish the negative energies that bring bad luck.
  • Symbolism: Wind chimes in feng shui are traditional symbols of many cultures and customs of different regions. For example, the heart-shaped wind chime is considered a symbol of love, bringing good luck and auspicious in human emotional development.

Meaning of Japanese wind chimes

The Japanese have a belief that hanging wind chimes in the house will protect the family from evil. With this in mind, wind chimes are often used in exorcism rituals. The sound of the wind chime will make the devil not come into the house to disturb anymore.

During the Kamakura period (1185-1333) in Japan, in wealthy aristocratic families, wind chimes were often hung on the porch to ward off the demon "Yakubyougami" - a demon that brings disease and disaster.

What does the dreamcatcher wind chimes mean?

The Ojibwa Indians believe that while we sleep, there are always good dreams and bad dreams (also known as nightmares). Therefore, they created the Dreamcatcher and hung them on the nightstand as a talisman to protect the children from having nightmares while sleeping.

Dreamcatcher has a round shape and symbolizes life without a beginning and an end. Dreamcatchers of the Indians are diverse in color but all have the same symbolic meaning.

The legend of the Dreamcatcher wind chimes is handed down to this day. Other countries also use the popular Dreamcatcher as a peaceful amulet, to drive away nightmares and welcome good dreams.

How to get the right feng shui wind chimes

Where should the wind chimes be hung? This must be the question of many people because beautiful wind chimes are not enough, but also must be hung in the right position. You can refer to the rules for choosing and hanging feng shui wind chimes as follows:

Choose a wind chime that matches the direction of the house and materials

  • Houses facing the West, Northwest, and North should choose wind chimes with metal materials.
  • Houses facing East, Southeast and South should choose wind chimes that are made from bamboo and wood (carpentry).
  • Houses facing southwest and northeast should choose wind chimes with baked clay and ceramic materials and hang them in the center.

Choose by shape

  • The heart-shaped wind chimes made of clay will be very suitable for the Southwest direction (the sign represents love and should be hung in the house, garden area).
  • Wind chimes with Buddha images will help the energy to develop best in the northeast direction (the sign representing wisdom).

Choose feng shui wind chimes based on the number of bars

Wind chimes to create a lively sound will need hollow bars and solid bars interwoven with each other... But in terms of feng shui, wind chimes with the number of 5, 6, 8 bars will be The most effective way to ward off evil spirits.

Choose to hang wind chimes according to the age of the owner

In terms of feng shui, each person's destiny will be suitable for different types of material. Therefore, choosing materials and colors of wind chimes also need to ensure the rules in the five elements of life. Corresponding to the 12 animals, there will be different rates depending on the year of birth. Therefore, to choose to hang wind chimes by age, you first need to know what destiny you belong to.

  • Bearers of the Kim destiny should hang metal wind chimes with yellow, white, metallic colors, avoiding pink and red colors.
  • The bearer of the Wood destiny should hang a wind chime made of bamboo or wood with a brown color.
  • People carrying the Water element should hang metal wind chimes with white or blue and should not choose yellow or red.
  • People with the Fire element should hang wooden and bamboo wind chimes with yellow and brown colors
  • People carrying the Earth destiny are suitable for wind chimes made of ceramic, porcelain, stone with yellow, pink, red, and brown colors and especially should avoid green, dark blue and black colors.

Where should wind chimes hang?

  • Southwest direction: in the southwest corner of the living room you can hang 2 or 9 bar wind chimes, made of ceramic or glass. This will help homeowners attract more relationships as well as keep family affection.
  • West: Hanging hollow metal wind chimes in this direction will help you increase your chances of having children. From there, it also positively affects the behavior, health and academic achievement of the baby if your family has children.
  • Northwest direction: Hanging hollow metal wind chimes in this direction will help attract influencers, inspiration and power to open up your career path. Besides, you should choose a wind chime with 6 bars that will double the efficiency.
  • North direction: To bring luck and success in your career, hang a 6-bar metal wind chime in this area.
  • The house is blocked by another building: If the front entrance of your home is blocked by another house or building, it can cause stagnation and instability to life. So hang the wind chime at the entrance to the front door. If the main door faces the road, hanging a wind chime in the upper left corner of the door can help with the effect.
  • Messy House: If there is any clutter in your house any good energy entering the house will be neutralized. Therefore, hanging a feng shui wind chime will help you solve this situation.
  • At the stairs: Hang 8, 6 or 5 metal wind chimes at the end of the stairs to ensure wealth for the homeowner.
  • Between the doors: Hang a 6 or 5 stick wind chime. If the window of the house faces the windows of another house, hang the wind chime at the window, so that the family property is not affected by the other party.

Things to note when hanging wind chimes in the house

No matter where you hang it, no matter what direction, you need to keep a few things in mind as follows:

  • When hanging the bell should choose a bright place, where there is enough wind and light. Do not hang the murky, lack of light.
  • It is especially forbidden to hang wind chimes on the demon line of the house. This is the road connecting the northeast and the southwest. Hanging in this position will bring bad things.
  • Do not use the bell to hang in the toilet. This area is often humid, unclean and has a lot of yin.
  • Wind chimes should not be hung in the bedroom. For the bedroom of young couples, a small heart-shaped bell can be hung.
  • Especially in the kitchen, this is a taboo area that should not be hung. According to feng shui experts, the kitchen is the place with a lot of fire. Hanging wind chimes will make bad luck such as fire explosions.
  • For houses with the main door facing the street, the owner should hang the closing bell through the upper left corner of the door.
  • Feng shui experts also recommend hanging wind chimes in the window. In case the house window is facing the neighbor's window, it can help keep the family's fortune without much influence from the opposite house.


With the above sharing, we hope to help you understand more about wind chimes as well as have experience in choosing and hanging this item in the house.

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