Pole Saw Cutting Techniques

By LaytonLast update: 2023-07-25

Trees with big branches increase the beauty of a porch, garden, roads, field, and everything. It becomes problematic when branches become huge, dry leaves start falling down, and make your way or porch dirty.

Pole saw is the tool that allows you to cut those unwanted branches and give them an excellent shape, not only that, to provide those trees with a healthy life and to get delicious fruits or beautiful flowers, cutting excessive limbs is an essential part. This is the point where you need to learn some Pole saw cutting techniques.


Just having a good electric pole pruner isn’t enough. One needs proper techniques and guidelines to apply those techniques. Otherwise, you may cause an accident

Step 01: Starting the Pole Saw

Almost every pole saw pruner has a starter rope. Therefore, users don’t need to be super strong to pull it. Anyone can start it easily. After starting it, give it some time to get ready. Wait until the saw spins at its utmost speed. To get accuracy and ease in cutting, a user needs that speed.

Step 02: Cutting Order of Tree Branch (From Lower to Higher)

Just don’t start cutting from above the tree; avoid this foolishness. If you cut branches from above, it may cause danger during its fall. Anybody can be hurt by it. That’s why start from the lower branch, which is near to you. Lower limbs are easy to cut, then go higher slowly; gradually.

Step 03: Cutting Large Branch

If you face a large branch, start with the preliminary cut. It’s a method; users apply to make the task easy. It includes several cuts from either way of a big branch. First, the cut should be started from the lower side of the unit, then place the saw in the opposite direction of your previous cut. Repeat it until the branch fell off. The larger the branch is, the more the cut will be.

Step 04: Avoiding Tree Collar

After cutting branches, many people have a tendency to cut the nub off. Nub means tree collar. Please don’t do this to trees. A tree collar is essential for trees. It allows a tree to carry the load of branches. Cutting a tree collar will expose an area of the tree trunk, insects and other diseases can harm the tree. Trees may die because of this wrongdoing.

Step 05: Take a Break

It’s important. Take a break after every stroke; it’s for you and most importantly, for your pole saw machine. Using a pole saw requires body strength and precise control of your hand. Taking rest helps you to regain your strength and continue the work. This is how you stay focused. Your machine needs a break too. Continuous running causes heat in the device.

These are the requirements you apply while using a pole saw. Follow these, and you will have a pleasant experience without any trouble.


This branch cutting task is hazardous. Precautions should be taken before starting the job. Some safety tips are discussed below,

Safety Gadgets

Hand-gloves for hands, face-shield and helmet for head, and heavy-duty boots for protecting toe; these are mandatory to put on.

Hand gloves should be non-slippery so that you can have a firm grip on the machine. Face-shield should save your face because it sprinkles debris during cutting the branches, which may cause any damage to your eyes. The helmet keeps your head protected, and the heavy-duty boot keeps your toe safe.

Make a People-Free Area

Keep the area clear, stop other people from walking on the working site. Make a signboard with a clear warning written on it and place it in the area so that everybody can see it and avoid the area.

Don’t forget about the electrical lines. A branch falling may cause a break in the line, and electricity flow may stop in the whole area. At least keep a distance of about 50 to 60 feet.

Standing Position

Where to stand when I cut? It’s a great question. Stand in a place where the pole saw makes a 60-degree angle. Then start cutting the following above techniques. Don’t stand right under the tree; if any branch falls on you, there will be no you to cut the next branch. Yes, you heard me right, many people died because of these kinds of accidents.

Firm Grip

Use non-slippery gloves to avoid slipping. If the machine slip-off your hand, nobody knows where it’s going to fall and what dangerous things may happen. If you are not strong enough, you can take someone’s help to hold the machine for you.

Other Tips

Stay careful while carrying the machine; disconnect the power or battery in the time of carrying it.

Check the pole saw before you use it. Check the pole chain; see if it needs to be tightened. Don’t over tighten it; it will consume more battery power than it usually does.

Sometimes chains get stuck on the tree. There is an easy solution for you. If it happens, turn off the machine. Then take the limb from the saw. That’s all.

There are two types of pole saw, automated and manual. When you are about to cut a large number of trees, a manual pole saw machine is the right option for you. Though an automated machine helps you to finish your task on time. It saves some time for you.

When you are a first-timer, just don’t jump into it. First, practice it, learn it, and then go for it.

Learn the uses of the machine under an expert user. It will be best if he/she supervises your work. Then you will come out as an expert too.


Now you may think it’s an easy task. Yes, it’s easy, but not that easy actually. Now, you know about pole saw cutting techniques, but in the world of heavy-duty, knowing is not just enough. Do some practice, and then you will be an expert for sure.

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