How To Trim A Large Tree?

By LaytonLast update: 2024-02-09

Most people nowadays like to plant tropical trees in their backyard. These trees have a fast-growing rate. You might have trimmed your trees repeatedly over the years. Otherwise, it will surely come right through. So the first thing you need to do is to get the wood out of there somehow. The electrical lines get tangled and interrupted thanks to the fast-growing trees. So trimming is necessary for avoiding any mishap. Therefore, if you know how to trim a large tree properly, you can save a ton of money.

Learn how to trim a large tree

If you have a pole pruning saw for cutting trees, the overall cutting process would be relatively easy. A pole pruning saw will give you reach up to 25 to 30 feet. It will be a great asset to include in your tree trimming tools.

I will show you a few traditional methods of trimming big trees. Knowing the correct way to trim large trees is a must. Following the correct trimming way will ensure that you don't damage the tree. Otherwise, it will take the tree twice as long to heal as well as facing a high chance of parasites and bacterial infection.

Trimming trees with a hand saw:

First thing, you are going to put on heavy-duty gloves and get the saw. You can climb up and get to your desired limb of the tree or use a ladder to reach your desired place & get the cut.

So you are going to make two cuts. The first cut would be a little farther away from the trunk's collar, and the second cut would be reasonably close to the main trunk. Now there's much debate about what the right way is to do that. You can trim them up close to the trunk, and you will find that it always feels just fine on them, and you don't want to stumble them in any way.

If you are dealing with a big & thick limb, then that will be a fair amount of weight; handle it carefully. Now, where you are going to cut it is right along the inside of the branches, but the bark can peel back and actually peel all the way down the trunk. So what you need to do is you are going to cut the bark, first from the top direction, then from the bottom direction all the way around.

The cuts don't have to line up with the previous cut. But the bottom cut should be all the way around; that way, if it peels, it doesn't peel all the way down. The branch is going to cut this part off anyway, so it's kind of a shallow cut. Now when it comes down, it won't peel the bark back.

A mature big limb probably weighs about a hundred pounds. While cutting after you hear the first crack, you can say that worked out about perfectly. You can see the bottom cut was a great assist; the cut limb began to tear and just stopped where it didn't hurt the bark.

Now you are going to go ahead and put the rest of the things off. It's Important that this cut be straight. What you need to do is leave enough of the edge knobby part or the collar of the trees that it can grow back over.

Trimming trees with rope and chainsaw:

If the tree branch you want to cut is hard to reach with the pole saw, or the tree is too tough for you to climb up, you can use this method.

First of all, you will need

Now take the hammer & tie the rope on the end of it. You will toss that up over the branch you want to cut. You want to make sure your rope is nicely coiled without any notch or tangles so that when you toss your hammer up, it will execute smoothly. Also, make sure that while throwing the hammer, no one is around to get hit.

Now get a little bit of spring motion and throw the hammer at the branch. After you reach your desired place with your rope, try to bring it back down a little bit. So you will just get a little bit of slack in the rope, and the hammer will come down. And after you got the hammer and both ends of our rope on your hands, lean back a little bit. Now take the hammer off.

Now you are going to take the chain saw and send it up into the tree. So about the chainsaws, they are just chainsaw blades attached to a metal rope; they are available in different lengths. Now tie one end of the string to the end of the chainsaw handle, do the same thing on the other handle and then just fish it up into the tree.

Now, if you look at the chainsaw closely, you will see there are only teeth on one side of the blade. So when you get it up in the tree, the trick is you're just going to make sure that the teeth are against the trunk or against the part of the wood you want to cut. Because obviously, the side without teeth is not going to cut.

After tying the chain saw to rope and getting a proper looped off, you want to make sure that whatever knot you're using is really tight. Otherwise, when you try to cut the branch, it's going to come loose, and you'll have to start over.

Now, after you get the chainsaw up into the tree, you want to keep your chainsaw blade out of the dirt. And while trimming you should be pulling at an angle close to that edge of where you want to cut.

Now holding on to each end of the rope, just go back and forth, and you will get your desired cut. You don't want to stand underneath the branch because gravity will pull it down. You don't want to be underneath the branch when that happens.

Final words

If you hire a professional for trimming down trees, it might cost you up to 300 bucks. But if you know how to trim a large tree and do it yourself, you will never need to hire any professional ever again.

Get the right tools; always leave plenty of collar around the cut for the tree to heal back beautifully. Trimming should be done at a moderate intensity. Don't overdo it.

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