Ideas For Church Garden Designs

By JulieLast update: 2024-04-21

For the church, the captivating landscape can contribute to the church's welcoming atmosphere, reinforcing its mission, and elevating its role in the communities it serves. The improved, beautifully designed church garden creates an attractive setting that attracts people to the church and that will contribute to the overall spiritual experience.

If you are thinking or building up an idea for church garden design, but you don't know where to start, we have lots of ideas to help you get started.

1. Party space

A well-designed outdoor space can become a party venue or even the wedding itself. There are many young people who choose the church to hold a wedding.

If you are planning to have a wedding at a church, finding an extra outdoor space where the couple's dinner venue will be a welcome addition.

This concept space is designed with full furniture such as the kitchen area, the living room area with a sofa, ... surrounded by many trees.

2. Ideas for a space for a group of young people to gather

Young people (youth groups) must be constantly searching for gathering spaces. A beautiful, unique and quiet space will surely suit many groups of friends.

An outdoor space at the church (the church's garden area) may also be one of the areas where the youth group might consider holding their regular weekly gatherings.

This idea is designed quite nicely. The design of adding an outdoor fireplace or an open-air fire pit area to the youth gathering space is a great idea. It can turn this area into a place where young people can gather around a fire, bake marshmallows, bake food and still have a comfortable place to socialize. It can become a trend, a gathering place for periodical youth groups.

Or this space idea is also fine for pastor meetings. If one of your pastors is meeting another member in a pastoral consultation session, organizing that meeting in this outdoor space will make everyone feel more comfortable than meeting in a text. Small self-contained room.

3. Church picnics and celebrations

If you used to have had to search for or rent a space in the past, or even use someone's home to host an outdoor meeting with the congregation. By building the idea of adding an outdoor meeting space to your church campus, you can now organize those meetings on the spot.

This outdoor garden idea is designed complete with an outdoor kitchen, you can start organizing annual picnics or other church events.

4. Children's events organization

Every year during the summer vacation, many families want to send their children to church, because they are busy at work and do not have time to look after their children, moreover, at church, children can learn a lot of things methodically.

If your church hosts a Bible School for the annual holiday or another kind of children's camp, outdoor space is indispensable. It's a great place for the kids to have time to make a craft, have a snack or even a picnic lunch.

Plus, if your church also includes a preschool, the outdoor space would be a welcome addition to your children's activities.

As parents increasingly look for schools that incorporate a lot of outdoor time into the child's school day, this outdoor space idea will make your preschool more engaging and possibly motivating enrollment of more families.

5. Daily lunch space for church staff

Pastors and other congregation staff regularly work in their congregation office all day of the week. Therefore, the idea of an outdoor space with the kitchen area is great. Now, they'll have space to enjoy - and maybe even cook - their lunch. Instead of staying indoors all day, they can go out at lunchtime, enjoy the fresh air, bake some burgers and socialize.

6. The idea of a church garden design follows an ancient trend

This idea is modeled on a classical cultural architectural style. The common yard is used as a playground for children every weekend. In addition, there is a system of rocky mountains creating flowing waterfalls. The shore is arranged in combination with mounds of grass, bushes and some plants. Combined with the paintings on the fence walls create a charming landscape. Trees are planted alternately to create green patches for the space.

7. The design of the church garden is bold in the countryside

In front of the church is a large space for the church courtyard, in the middle of the yard is a rectangular lotus pond, surrounded by a frame to ensure safety for everyone when standing here watching the lotus lake.

In front of the two sides next to the church, two large bonsai trees are planted, creating a shadow that brings tranquility to the church. Two outside sides are rows of shady trees shading the entire campus from the road. On hot days, this place is considered a quiet and cool space, people coming here can sit under the canopy to avoid the shining sunlight.

That brings relaxation to the human soul. Is the meaning that the church gives.

8. Garden idea from symbolic image of the church

This idea is built from the image of the cathedral of the Parish. The road on the campus is designed in this symbolic image, surrounded by many trees, creating a solemn outdoor space.

In addition, you can build an imaginary idea with an image of an olive branching pigeon raising its wings. This is also the symbol of the Holy Spirit.


You already have expenses that your church contributes weekly. It is possible to organize a fundraising campaign to raise funds for the outdoor area of the church. Therefore, organizing a private fundraising campaign to raise funds for an outdoor space may be necessary.

With the church garden design ideas we provide, depending on the purpose, you can build your own ideas and landscape designs at your church, creating a space for people to interact.

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