How To Choose Bathroom Vanity Color

By JulieLast update: 2023-07-24

If you're considering changing your bathroom vanity, if you're like many people, you still have a lot of important questions to answer. I hope you can determine the size of the bathroom vanity you require. Next, you may want to check out additional factors before making your final choice, such as whether they need double vanity, your preferred style, the best sink design, the your preferred stand and countertop options as well as other important matters.

There is only one more important choice, and that is color. While choosing a more modern color palette can be difficult when you want to maintain a particular style or move forward, you can be sure if deep pink and turquoise are really for you. Here's how to choose a bathroom vanity color for everyone.

Color scheme for bathroom vanity

The majority of designers advise against using additional wheels that could become overly busy for a clean appearance and instead use black, neutral, monochrome, or similar color schemes.

Consider the possible color attack caused, for instance, by square, rectangle, or multicolored color schemes, regardless of their rotation on the color wheel. Here, you start to realize that when it comes to bathroom color schemes, less is usually more. Of course, there are exceptions to that rule when you have a creative mind and a keen vision. To avoid being bothered by our suggestions, think of them as a starting place to expand on the concepts presented here.

Neutral Bathroom Color Schemes

Neutral colors offer a lot of benefits, such as the ability to be cold, warm, trendy or classic, and don't pose a significant fashion risk to your items on a trending list. The use of neutrals gives you the freedom to experiment with subtle textures and tones while showcasing the overall aesthetic you often see on magazine photos. Try to find a vanity that is beige, ivory, dark brown, black, gray or white. You have options in every size and form because these colors are so popular.

Finishing i also another important consideration.

  • When compared to a smokey gray vanity painted in clear gloss, the bleached version looks distinct. Deeply saturated colors like slate blue, navy blue, plum, or beige with matte finishes provide for a dash of color without overpowering the other components of the space.
  • You might want to consider a floating vanity in a dark brown color with hardwood doors that are frosted. Bring the softest soft towel you can purchase because the vanity is higher than high-end timepieces when combined with a deep porcelain bowl, white quartz countertop, and platinum sink fixtures.
  • Look for beveled doors, earthy finishes, and ornamental accents that reflect romantic charm if you prefer neutrals but not have to lose your rural or country flair.

Black Bathroom Color Schemes

In showrooms & product categories, retailers are putting black in the spotlight. The installation of a black bathroom vanity on a white tile and colored cement floor creates the opportunity for a modern or creative design scheme throughout the space. Consider placing a circular-framed mirror over the sink, adding geometric wall art, an abstract rug, or using a shower curtain with a sophisticated motif. Be mindful that black does not need to take over the space.

The black vanity can act as a neutral backdrop by setting it apart from other elements, allowing you to highlight the tub, window or lighting fixtures. On the other hand, a black vanity also attracts attention, especially if it has an eye-catching round or oblong shape. Contrast the vanity with a wallpaper, floral rug or shower curtain to accentuate the atmosphere of the room. Timeless color combinations like black and white can be contrasts that help expand your design horizons and aid in your personal style exploration. For example, a black vanity with a gold sink accessory or cabinet hardware is a modern pairing that showcases your taste to the fullest.

Color Schemes Of Monochromatic Bathroom

Bathrooms in monochromatic colors stand out for their subtle simplicity and may be the finest way to create a quiet, soothing spa-like atmosphere. Your vanity can attract attention to shape and design rather than gaze color by using one hue or a group of tones that are comparable as a guide. A floating high-gloss vanity with a double sink highlights the enormous, frameless round wall mirror in the white bathroom. To ensure that your visitors know where to locate towels, consider a style with wooden doors. In a room with only one hue, tonality and texture are crucial, so use all the lighting, furniture, and fabrics you can to create depth.

Bring in a ferns, a lantern, and a dish of soaps that are completely white, then let the light & shadows play. Don't forget to incorporate the floor in your design idea. It should be a component of your plan because it is one of the room's biggest planes. A vanity which closely resembles the color of the floor provides fluidity in the room, while a vanity that matches the floor can draw the eyes upward and fall on the mirrors or windows.

Color Schemes of Analogous Bathroom

Your opportunity to use color effectively is to create a similar color scheme that makes use of two or more hues that are close to one another on the color wheel. One example of popular earth tones in matching schemes are gray, brown, and light green palettes. Every subcategory or showroom will have a large range of natural wood vanities. Try creating a watercolor impression with hues like blue, green, & yellow if you prefer things vivid and brilliant. Contrast your hue with a glossy or matte-finished white vanity, and take pleasure in your surroundings each time you enter the space.

A vintage mirror, gold fixtures, and other shabby chic components can all be paired with an analogous color theme of lavender, rose, & baby pink. Bring in grays and grayish blue to make the space more dynamic if you're dealing with such a black or dark vanity. Your vanity may have the most eye-catching color in the space, attracting attention to it, or it may discreetly fade into a wall decorated with metallic patterns or floral patterns. Try out decor items like textural flowers and storage baskets as well as wall tiles with monochromatic prints on them. Place your light so over vanity to illuminate it and highlight the glimmer of a marble or marble counter and the brilliant sheen of chrome fixtures.

Color Schemes of Complimentary Bathroom

Complementary hues, which are the color wheel's opposites, might serve as an example of how opposites really do attract. However, it's not unusual to come across examples of bathrooms that tried to use complementary color schemes but failed miserably. So, when it comes to bathroom decor, use caution while experimenting with complementing color schemes.

You can see one view of a color scheme that combines orange and blue in the image supplied. The brighter, richer orange is utilized sparingly as an accent, while the darker blue takes up the most of the visual area. When using neutral colors in the bathroom, it is a good idea to follow this rule.


If selecting a modern bathroom vanity wasn't challenging enough on its own, trying to make educated guesses about long-term design trends is undoubtedly the icing on the cake. However, picking vanity color schemes in classic neutrals and adding trendy accents to the room's easier-to-change furnishings is a good approach to guarantee that you'll get a look you'll love for a very long time.

Shopping for the ideal vanity is made simpler and more fun by having a firm commitment to color schemes. Determine colors and finishes for the bathtub's components, including the wall paint, houseplants, lighting fixtures, natural light sources, sinks, and worktops. Highlight the room's strongest features. You can use complementary hues and tints to encircle your vanity, then experiment with tones & textures to get the ideal aesthetic. For a broad collection of vanities in each and every price range, shape, and theme, browse our collection. With a new vanity, your tub can go from being expected to being something spectacular.

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