How To Choose A Hot Dog Steamer

By JulieLast update: 2024-07-11

Hot Dog is fast food for many activities that many young and old people enjoy. To provide multiple hot dogs at the same time to serve in many outdoor parties, invest now in a hot dog steamer.

But if you want the sausages inside to look good and taste delicious. You will need information on How To Choose The Hot Dog Steamer.

1. Types of hot dog steamers

1.1 Hot Dog Steaming

This machine is easy to use and cooks sausages quickly. It can cook multiple dishes at the same time, ranging from 130-230, which is a good choice for commercial venues with large capacities, like franchise counters in football stadiums.

Sausage steamers often come with a bun rack that warms the hot dog at the same time it cooks the sausage, so you don't need to buy a separate warmer.

It is more affordable than other types of cooking equipment, so if you want to be able to cook and prepare a lot of sausages easily without having to invest too much.

1.2 Hot Dog Roller Grill

It is commonly used in convenience stores and franchises where the ability to attract consumers. This type doesn't offer as much power as a sausage steamer, which typically cooks somewhere between 10-75 sausages at a time.

With the function to cook sausages so they are golden from the grill and crispy, and designed to heat evenly. They can be set up for self-service, which is also a convenient and popular choice for convenience stores and cafes in particular.

In addition to the hot dog steamer, used for several other foods, including diet dishes and scrambled eggs, so can be more versatile than the other appliances on the list.

1.3 Hot Dog Broiler

It acts like a bakery, rotating the cooking parts so the hot dog cooks evenly.

Designed to show what's inside, these hobs often give customers a good view of the sausages cooking inside.

It usually has a smaller capacity than the other hot dog stoves described here, ranging from 18 to 36 sausages at a time. This small size makes the machine ideal for smaller convenience stores and franchise counters.

On the market, they have plenty of prices. However, they often come at a premium due to the capacity they provide compared to the other types of devices listed here.

2. Size of hot dog steamer

Whether you want to place a hot dog steamer in a convenience store, restaurant, coffee shop, or franchise stand, the equipment that must be purchased should fit the space. Before you start looking, consider exactly where to place your cooking equipment and measure the area where you will place the appliance to work with.

You should also consider if the hot dog pot comes with bread warmer or if you want to buy one separately. Therefore, you will need to take into account the additional space this device will need.

3. Capacity of hot dog steamer

This should be your primary concern when buying a hot dog steamer. At a convenience store, demand at any given time requires as much preparation as possible for multiple orders coming in at once.

Furthermore, it needs to be designed to accommodate multiple cutting tools for the space they occupy.

4. Display

In addition to the distinctive taste your dish gives, the cooks act as salesmen and provide an attractive display for the hot dogs that can be profitable. All three types of hot dog stoves described tend to be good at providing a delicious display.

5. Cooking speed

Speed but always quality, depending on where you serve hot dogs or large stores to adjust the speed to fast or slow.

A large capacity hot dog cooker can help reduce waiting times but set up the sausage machine in the morning and by the time it's stocked, it's overheated.

The sausage steamer can cook a large number of baked goods in a short amount of time (for quantity), up to 230 sausages in 45 minutes or so. The hot dog toaster ovens work quickly, roasting the hot dog in about 10 minutes. And the sausage broiler usually takes about 15-20 minutes.

6. Easy to use

The peculiarity of any type of cooking equipment that requires you or your staff to do more work will make the job difficult and potentially keep customers waiting for a long time.

Sausage steamers are suitable for making many dishes, don't require much maintenance and the roller grills are exceptionally easy to use, just load them up and turn on the machine.

In particular, using cooking equipment including vermicelli warmers can also simplify things, as there are few machines to maintain, although separate vermicelli warmers often provide high capacity, so they can cause problems. less work in the fast order situation.

One thing that a lot of people get bored with when using a sausage cooking appliance is usually cleaning. For your safety, you must keep any food contact equipment clean and properly disinfected between uses.

Of these, broiler food causes some difficulties in cleaning, and steamers are often the easiest, just pour in water and wipe the machine down. Roller ovens fall somewhere in the middle in terms of ease of cleaning.

Furthermore, it's also a good idea to check the manufacturer's instructions for any hot dog cooker you're considering for how well it works with use, cleaning, and maintenance.

7. Features and Accessories

Digital temperature display: they will make sure the sausage you are cooking is at the right temperature. The technical temperature display makes it easy to be confident that the cooking equipment is working properly and that the sausage will come out just right.

Non-stick coating: The non-stick coating makes cleanup easy.

Sneeze Protection: Some sausage rolls will come with sneeze protection. This is especially true for self-service equipment.

Bread warmer: you have many cooking options from hot dogs that come with the bread warmer. For those that don't, however, or if you want an additional one that can hold more, a bun warmer can be purchased separately.

Spice dispenser: favorite seasoning will make the dish more delicious.

Kitchen tongs: Used to pull sausages out of the machine. Basic kitchen tongs help keep things hygienic while protecting your hands from heat.

How does the hot dog steamer operate?

First, you take out the sausage basket and juice tray and add about 10 liters (2.5 gallons), without adding too much water to the heating compartment so that the water level is just above the heating element. Use hot water to reduce the time of cooking.

Place trays and baffles in the unit and set the cord compartments in place.

Place the sausage in the small compartment and the cake on the wire rack in the large compartment. Arrange sausages and buns to allow steam to circulate freely.

Turn the switch to the ON position and set the thermostat control to high when steam is generated.

For normal machine operation, place the thermostat control in the center of the range between low and high.

The steam compartments have been designed to provide the right amount of steam in each compartment. No need to adjust much.

Please close the lid while not in use.

Add more water if necessary to maintain the water level on the heating element. Add hot water if possible.

How to choose to clean it?

You just need to unplug the device's power cord from the outlet.

Discard all remaining sausages and buns, or other foods.

Drain all the water in the drain pipe.

Remove the parts in the steamer and wipe the inside of the steamer and parts with a dry cloth.

Then reassemble the detachable parts. The Sausage Steamer is now ready to be returned.


Hot dog steamer is a familiar part of many moments people require. The hot dog steamer that you cook could help shape good memories for your friends and each of the members of your family or simply make for a satisfying meal. Either way, the right hot dog steamer will make you happier and make you more money.

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