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5 Best Solar Panels For Home

By LaytonLast update: 2023-12-27

Currently, consumers can choose from a wide range of solar panel brands. There are hundreds, if not thousands of companies competing for customers. It's great when businesses are forced to compete, but there can be too much of a good thing. How does a homeowner choose the best solar panels for home when there are so many models to pick from?

This article addresses the issue. Take a look at a complete rundown of the top solar panels for your home available on the market right now. Homeowners like yourself can use it to find the most suitable solar panels for your property.

How do solar panels on your home work?

To begin, let's get down to the nitty-gritty of solar panels and how they function. The photovoltaic effect is at the heart of the solar industry. Direct current (DC) is generated within a solar panel when sunlight strikes solar silicon cells and sets electrons in motion. An inverter is a crucial component of a home solar system because direct current cannot be used for our daily needs. Solar panels for home use an inverter to convert DC power into AC, which can then be used in our home or fed into the commercial power grid.

5 Best Solar Panels For Home

Three simple steps sum up the process of solar energy production:

  • Photons from the sun are absorbed by solar cells. Direct current (DC) is then produced inside of them

  • DC flows from the modules to the inverter and/or the battery. Then direct current is turned into alternating current (AC)

  • The inverter sends AC to the electric panel (breaker box) of the house to power home appliances or export it to the grid

Top 5 solar panels for home

This article's rankings are based on a combination of professional judgment, customer feedback and other information. The authors of the article haven’t been paid for including any brand or model into the rankings. The listed models are among the best home solar panels for sale.

Panasonic N330E

5 Best Solar Panels For Home

Together, an Enphase IQ7 microinverter and a 330 watt monocrystalline Panasonic solar panel perform an on-site conversion of the module's direct current to alternating current. The energy output of a Panasonic 330W solar panel can be maximized with the help of Enphase IQ7 and its maximum power point tracking (MPPT) technology.

The efficiency of the Panasonic 330W solar panel is 19.7 percent, which is higher than the industry’s average. As is usually the case with Panasonic products, the high cost is the panels' biggest drawback. This Japanese brand, however, consistently delivers the best solar panels for home.

Canadian Solar 390MS

5 Best Solar Panels For Home

Canadian solar panels have a stellar reputation for their reliability and efficiency, and this holds true even on overcast days. This 390 W module from Canadian Solar is no different. Not only that, but Canadian Solar panels are notoriously rugged. While some solar panels can only withstand winds of up to 140 mph (2400 Pa), Canadian Solar panels can withstand winds of up to 180 mph (4000 Pa). A higher than typical shading tolerance and an efficiency rating of 19.2% are also highlighted by the manufacturer.

For one of the best solar panels for home, this Canadian Solar 390 W module is very reasonably priced at $342.

Trina vertex 395 W

5 Best Solar Panels For Home

The effectiveness and low price of a panel are typically the two main concerns of Chinese manufacturers. This is applicable to this Trina 395 W panel. These PV modules are inexpensive despite their 20.5 percent efficiency, 10 year product warranty and 25 year performance warranty. The black cells and the black frame are a stylish touch that calls attention to the design. While definitely being one of the best solar panels for home, this module is large and somewhat heavy, so keep that in mind.

Panasonic N325K

5 Best Solar Panels For Home

When it comes to solar panels for home, this Panasonic 325W solar panel stands out due to its remarkable efficiency, even at very high temperatures. When temperatures rise above 77 degrees Fahrenheit, solar panels lose about 1% of their efficiency per degree. One of the best results in the industry, the Panasonic 325W panel loses only 0.258% per degree. The Panasonic 325W module has a degradation rate of only 0.26%, which is significantly lower than the average loss of 0.7%, and it comes with a 25-year performance warranty and an efficiency rating of 19.4%. The high cost is one drawback of Panasonic's 325W solar modules.

Panasonic HIT N330

5 Best Solar Panels For Home

When it comes to shading tolerance, Panasonic HIT 330W solar panels are among the best solar panels for home on the market. This is because of the bypass diodes. Typically, there will be two or three bypass diodes that partition a panel into autonomous sections, each of which can generate power in its own right. There are four bypass diodes built into every Panasonic 330W HIT panel. This means that the performance of a Panasonic HIT 330 Watt module is only reduced by 25% if a solar cell in one sector is shaded, while the performance of a panel with 3 diodes is reduced by 33%. Due to the high cost of diodes, Panasonic 330W solar modules are more expensive than their competitors. However, they are a good option if you are concerned that the panels on top of your house will be obscured by an obstacle.

Although the panels above are the best by a number of metrics, browsing through other solar panels for home may yield even better options for your particular case.


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