6 Best Pest Control Sprayers of 2020

Last update: Oct 26, 2020

Here are the best pest control sprayers you can buy in 2020:

  • Best Overall: Chapin 20541, 1 Gallon Lawn, Garden and Multi-Purpose Sprayer
  • Runner-Up: Smith 190361W Professional Compression Sprayer
  • Best Value: Chapin 20002, 2 Gallon Lawn, Garden and Multi-Purpose Sprayer
  • Best For Farming: Petra Electric Fogger Atomizer Backpack Sprayer
  • Most Convenient Carry-On: ITISLL Garden Pump Sprayer Portable Yard & Lawn Sprayer
  • Lightest: VIVOSUN 1.3 Gallon Lawn and Garden Pump Pressure Sprayer

Sprayers are commonly used for the watering or a chemical solution onto soil or vegetation for growth performance or pest control. There are ten many types of sprayers which commonly used for the spraying of water, plant herbicides, crop fertilizers, and pesticide control chemicals. Pricing ranges from $20 to $3000 USD depending on the sprayer, equipment type, and its use.

A "pest" is any insect, rodent, or wildlife that is considered undesirable because they either invade people's homes, gardens or businesses, causing damage or heightening the risk of communicating a disease or illness. So pest control would be the process of managing (by using deterrents or repellents) or removing pests from your places. There are types of approaches used to manage pests, one of them is using a sprayer.

Spraying insecticide have advantages itself, by which you are delivering a more concentrated dose of poison to your pests. The chemicals have a stronger chance of killing the insects in the area, it is the best choice for concentrated areas of insects, but is not the most effective repetitive means of outdoor pest control especially over large areas.

If you are looking for a sprayer, we researched, experienced and picked some best pest control sprayers which you may be looking for.

6 Best Pest Control Sprayers of 2020

1. Best Overall: Chapin 20541, 1 Gallon Lawn, Garden and Multi-Purpose Sprayer

6 Best Pest Control Sprayers of 2020

  • This is a good sprayer for spot spraying.
  • Mixing insecticides is easy because of its wide mouth.
  • It has a piston pump style.
  • It leaks between the pump and sprayer in some cases.

This is a one-gallon translucent tank that has a wide funnel top to make it easy cleaning and filling. The can is compatible with most common fertilizers and pesticides and features an ergonomic handle that makes it easy to pump and carry around. The filter is anti-clog and is easy to take apart to clean, the adjustable spray nozzle has a good flow rate and makes it easy to spray each corner of the garden with ease.

The wide-mouth funnel opening featured in this sprayer helps to pour and mix chemicals in the sprayer and minimize spills. Cleaning up is much easier when using a sprayer with a wide mouth. Twist the adjustable cone nozzle to create a mist spray or a stream spray depending on what you need at the time. The coarse stream is perfect if you are targeting one area while the mist spray is perfect for leaves. This is a good home sprayer choice for lawn care.

Chapin 20541, 1 Gallon Lawn, Garden and Multi-Purpose Sprayer Specification

Product TypeManual
Dimension7.6 x 7.6 x 15.2 inches
Weight (lbs)2.45

Verdict: The lightweight, rust-free polyethylene tank is translucent so it's easy to check fluid levels.

2. Runner-Up: Smith 190361W Professional Compression Sprayer

6 Best Pest Control Sprayers of 2020

  • Comes with replacement parts
  • High-quality product
  • Durable
  • Works great
  • Comes with several nozzles for different spray options
  • Easy to set up
  • Easy to work with
  • Pressurizes but fails to spray sometimes

This is one well-designed garden sprayer that is ideal when spraying fertilizers, insecticides or even herbicides on to your gardens and lawns and one interesting feature of this top quality product is its nickel-plated brass propped and a lockable-shut-off feature which works effectively maintaining precision as well as a high strength while spraying.

One impressive feature of this well-designed sprayer is the fact that it boasts of an easy to adjust cone nozzle and comfortable grip style which makes it suitable for use in several applications while its Viton seals ensure that this sprayer works effectively well when used with fungicides and bleach.

Smith 190361W Professional Compression Sprayer Specification

Product TypeManual
Dimension9.5 x 9.5 x 20.5 inches
Weight (lbs)4.5

Verdict: this sprayer is quite easy to use with a relief valve for the safe release of pressure.

3. Best Value: Chapin 20002, 2 Gallon Lawn, Garden and Multi-Purpose Sprayer

6 Best Pest Control Sprayers of 2020

  • The tank is solidly built and will not leak or rupture
  • Translucent tank for easy filling and cleaning
  • Ergonomic handle for easy pumping and carrying
  • The wand and hose and pump handle are made from plastics that are close to the cheapest of the cheap.

Chapin 20002 is a high-quality sprayer with funnel top that's specially designed for pesticides, herbicides, fertilizers, and general cleaning. It's made from durable and lightweight polyethylene material which are non-corrosive to most pesticides, herbicides and fertilizers. This 2-gallon sprayer highlights poly ergo handle which is made for fatigue-free pumping, SureSpray anti-clog filter to keep debris from getting in the nozzle, shut-off and hose, and nitrile seals.

Chapin 20002, 2 Gallon Lawn, Garden and Multi-Purpose SprayerSpecification

Product TypeManual
Dimension8.1 x 8.1 x 18.2 inches
Weight (lbs)1.3

Verdict: For the quick and simple jobs around the house

4. Best For Farming: Petra Electric Fogger Atomizer Backpack Sprayer

6 Best Pest Control Sprayers of 2020

  • 1,200-watt motor
  • Comfortable and lightweight
  • One of few electric backpack foggers that produces a substantial amount of power
  • Requires extension cord
  • Fragile motor
  • Only a four-month warranty

The Petra Electric Fogger is a state-of-the-art fogger/blower/mister in one. This model features a premium 1200W motor that operates on 110V AC power and can spray up to 15 feet of chemicals for maximum fogging. The Petra’s durable and sturdy hose is undoubtedly its main attraction, as it allows you to extend above, below, and sideways with ease for any areas that are hard to reach with traditional foggers.

Fogging and spraying both have their advantages, but fogging wins for outdoor venues. Fogging is typically done in the early evening, when the temperature has cooled and insects are just starting to become active. This is the perfect time to fog them and incapacitate them. However, if done too early or too late, the fog might not have the effect you’re looking for, and you may run into problems.

Petra electric fogger atomizer backpack sprayerSpecification

Product TypeElectric
Dimension22 x 17 x 11 inches
Weight (lbs)6.05

Verdict: It can cover as much as 15 ft and suitable for orchards, farms, etc.

5. Most Convenient Carry-On: ITISLL Garden Pump Sprayer Portable Yard & Lawn Sprayer

6 Best Pest Control Sprayers of 2020

  • Easy to carry because of back strap feature.
  • Easy to pump and holds a gallon, perfect for mixing
  • This sprayer is not suitable for corrosive or acidic solutions.

If you want a backpack sprayer that’s lightweight and compact, we just might have what you’re looking for. This unit can hold up to 4 Liters of liquid which gives you enough to accommodate an indoor garden. It also has the features similar to the rest of the units in this list such as the anti-clog filter for clog prevention. Another good thing to consider is that the unit has water-resistant seals which means it has lesser chances of leaking compared to some units.

Amazingly, this unit has adjustable nozzles and a pretty decent PSI which allows you to have a more precise spraying. It does have a lock-on feature which eliminates hand fatigue in using the trigger. This is your best option if you only have an indoor garden. The package comes as is and includes a user’s manual. This poses an issue for some users but instructions are printed on the side of the bottle.

ITISLL Garden Pump Sprayer Portable Yard & Lawn SprayerSpecification

Product TypeManual
Dimension7.1 x 7.1 x 15.9 inches
Weight (lbs)2.5

Verdict: Can be used in any garden.

6. Lightest: VIVOSUN 1.3 Gallon Lawn and Garden Pump Pressure Sprayer

6 Best Pest Control Sprayers of 2020

  • Multi-Functional use: good to use for indoor and outdoor use
  • Easy Filling
  • Translucent bottle
  • Thickened bottom can significantly improve its durability and stability
  • Prone to leaks
  • Small tank capacity

This Vivosun sprayer is controlled by a simple hand pump that increases the pressure within the device and then operates the spray. Adding chemicals or water into the pump is simple. Unscrew the top and pour the liquid into the extra-wide mouth and funnel, screw the top back on, and you’re ready to garden. This works just as well for other spraying actions, such as pest control.

With an extra-long, 56.6 cm wand, you can spray hard-to-reach areas just as easily. This model offers a perfect introduction to battery powered sprayers and takes the work out of spraying.

You can easily check the fluid level and know exactly when to refill. Super large bowl mouth and funnel design at the top allows you to achieve easy, no-mess filling. You just need to simply unscrew, fill up the bottle and close the lid. Pump up the pressure and you are ready to go.

56.5cm long practical watering wand gives a better reach, it helps you to reach some inaccessible places. Each Sprayer comes with a heavy duty shoulder strap and a pair of gloves. The comfort- grip handle has a shut-off valve, so you can carry the sprayer over your shoulder and rest your hand while keeping a constant flow.

VIVOSUN 1.3 Gallon Lawn and Garden Pump Pressure SprayerSpecification

Product TypeManual
Dimension17.2 x 7.5 x 7.3 inches
Weight (lbs)3

Verdict: This works just as well for other dusting actions needed.

Buying Guide: How To Choose The Best Pest Control Sprayer?

Before you purchase a sprayer, you should take the time to think about what you actually need from it. There are many different factors to consider when selecting the right one for your garden, such as its function, how often you plan to use it and whether you would like to use it manually or not.

Product Volume

  • The tank is usually the most important aspect of a garden sprayer across any sub-type. The more volume capacity of the sprayer, the longer and easier the job will be. If you have a comprehensive spraying job ahead of you, definitely go with a model that has a large gallon capacity, but if you only need to do spot treatments or watering, a handheld sprayer is certainly applicable.


  • There are thousands of off-brand sprayers on the retail market and nearly all of these types of sprayers are made from cheap and easily degraded material. Invest in a model of sprayer that is made from durable and quality materials. The higher the quality, the better and longer the performance.


  • In addition to the tank, the nozzles and applicators of a sprayer are the next most important component to consider before purchase. A wide array of nozzles is always a good sign, as this will allow you to administer chemicals in a wide variety of geometrical circumstances.


  • Utilizing a sprayer can take time, which means it is also important to remember the comfort level of maneuvering with the sprayer. Backpack sprayers have this aspect nailed by allowing the equipment to be mounted to the back and shoulder, which eases any discomfort in these areas.

The Bottom Line

  • Garden sprayers compose a wide variety in the insecticide and herbicide market, with so many different varieties, some guidance is needed to make sense of the types and their uses.

Other factors

  • Professional sprayers are always a good choice and are pretty universal in their methodologies.
  • Battery powered sprayers take the concepts of professional sprayers to the next level, by allowing you to allow the sprayer to take control and do most of the work.
  • Handheld pressure sprayers are also worth mentioning, since these are sometimes all that is needed for small projects.
  • This market is comprehensive and these selected reviews will help you in not only deciding what sprayer is best for you, but also how to use sprayers for all of your pest control and lawn and garden needs.

Popular Brands Make The Best Pest Control Sprayer


  • Chapin sprayers are still made from the best materials and exceed the most exacting industry standards. And Chapin products continue to perform safely and dependably, providing years of reliable service. Just as they have since 1884.
  • Here, in this spacious, modern plant, Chapin sprayers are designed, fabricated, formed, assembled, coated, tested, packaged, stored and shipped to customers around the world. One of the world's largest sprayer manufacturing plants, our facilities were created to meet both current and future demands.
  • Each day, the Chapin team manufactures thousands of high quality sprayers for use in a wide range of applications. The depth and scope of our state-of-the-art manufacturing technology enables Chapin to respond quickly to customer needs.


  • Vivosun is one of the top global indoor gardening and hydroponic manufacturers and suppliers. It offer over 200 products ranging from reflectors, ballasts, bulbs, lamps, filters, fans and more - everything you need to build complete indoor gardening and hydroponic systems.
  • Vivosun want to bring modern people closer to nature. Let the people who love advanced planting technology develop their hobbies smoothly, enjoy the fun of life, and share the tips of planting together.


If you take the time to shop for the best pest control sprayers, you’ll definitely ease your workload. Concurrently, this means you’ll work more efficiently, which should be a priority for each and every one of us.

While looking at sprayer reviews pays off, you should note that each user has different needs. To that end, the answer to what is the best pest sprayer is subjective, depending on the user.

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