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Benefits Of Lampshade

By JulieLast update: 2024-02-15

Some of the benefits of lamp shade are definite visual appeals but have you ever wondered if the lamp colors reflect your style and personality?

Now that lampshades have become commonplace, individual color preferences will select different lamp shades by looking at the color of your lights. Whether you choose from an elegantly handcrafted classic or an attractive contemporary style, there are countless ways you can decorate your home with a variety of shades.

Here are some benefits of a lampshade that you need to know!

1. What is a lampshade?

Benefits Of Lampshade

Lampshades are used with spotlights and chandeliers to shield and catch light in the house.

Lampshade usually cover all or part of a light bulb, to serve several purposes such as:

  • To protect the user's eyes from glare
  • Redirect light in a certain direction for practical purposes
  • To soften and diffuse the light
  • Create decorative accents, enhance the style of the room

2. How to measure a lampshade?

Benefits Of Lampshade

This will help you know the right size for the lights you want to choose. You can refer in a few ways below:

Measure the lampshade with a straightedge or tape measure (By Inches). So you will need three measurements:

- The width of the top should be measured from the outer edge of the top edge to the outer edge of the top edge on the opposite side. You need to make sure the ruler goes through the "center" of the shade to measure the maximum distance between the two edges.

- The width over the bottom, shall be measured from the outer edge of the lower edge to the outer edge of the lower edge on the opposite side. This ensures you measure "through" the center of the shade to track the maximum distance from one edge pp to another.

- The part of the height measured on a bevel, shall be measured in a straight line of shade with straight, vertical, inclined, or curved edges in the section. Therefore, you should measure from the outer edge of the top of the shade to the outer edge of the bottom of the shade. This diagonal should be no problem when the top of the shade is smaller than the bottom.

However, you don't measure "upright" height. Measure incline from the outer edge of the upper rim to the outside of the lower rim, even if the sides of the lampshade are straight.

3. Measuring rod for oval and rectangular lampshade

Benefits Of Lampshade

The oval or rectangular lamp shades, two more measurements will be taken, because the lamp shade is wider than the front and back.

Width from left to right, measured for the top and bottom as described above.

The depth, from the front of the shade to the back of the shade, shall be measured for both the top and bottom of the shade, which should pass through the center of the lampshade in a straight line. To measure from the outside of the rim as before to the rim on the opposite side.

4. Benefits of lampshade

Aesthetic of lampshade

Benefits Of Lampshade

Certain light bulbs can add architectural flair to a home. It also presents itself as an excellent piece for luxury. When it comes to custom shades, it is possible to choose between a wide variety of shapes, designs, colors, and sizes.

Elements in a custom light bulb can seamlessly flow with the interior design of the home. No matter if you need oval shade, square shade, or other shape shade, we always recommend some custom bulb suppliers like A Lamp and Fixture Corp.

The right room ambiance

Benefits Of Lampshade

The lampshade is a key in creating the right atmosphere in the room. Almost all traditional light bulbs will fit in any room, but if you invest in custom bulbs, you can easily customize them to fit room size, color, and lighting.

At the same time, whether you want a romantic feel or just want some soft light to enhance relaxation, custom light bulbs will do the job.

In addition, it also depends on the transparency of the bulb and the purpose of creating a reasonable light in the room.

Several color options

Benefits Of Lampshade

If you have seen pictures of colorful custom light bulbs online. Surely it's not the sad shade you're used to. Today, they come in a variety of colors and patterns, and degrees of transparency.

With opaque red lights for a romantic theme in the bedroom or bright blue and yellow patterned fabric lamps for a sunny living room with lots of natural light. As for custom light colors, it is possible to quickly get a good color scheme for design and installation.

Perfect lighting solution

Benefits Of Lampshade

It can help you filter light to the required level and direct the bulb where you need to set it.

If you need a reading light, then a shaded shade will be perfect, but if you need a night light for a master bedroom there will also be custom shades made just for that purpose.

Fitting the style

Benefits Of Lampshade

The main benefit of light bulbs is that by customizing them, it is possible to choose the style that suits the personality and best suits each person.

You can also choose a pattern, color, design, or shape that the individual is visually appealing too.


The lampshade not only provides a variety of services such as protecting your eyes from glare from bulbs, helping to diffuse and color, and softening the light in a room.

What's more, the heat funnels away from the bulb, while the shapes and light are concentrated for practical uses. We hope all the above information will give you an understanding of the benefits of lampshades.

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