How to Make Slushy Water

By JulieLast update: 2024-06-18

Water and most other liquids may be cooled to temperatures below those at which they would typically freeze. But don't forget about the scientists: this phenomenon, known as super-cooling or under-cooling, may be used to create quick slushies and even beer pies.

It may seem strange, but when you chill a liquid to the freezing point, it does not instantaneously solidify. It takes a procedure to transform water into ice, even at very low temperatures like the usual freezer temperature of 0°F.

From their structure to their density, the two substances are vastly different (ice is eight percent less dense than water). As a result, something that disrupts the status quo is required to begin this change. And here is how to make slushy water.

1. How to Make Slushy Water

Water molecules must be able to attach gently to some form of contaminant in the liquid. A tiny ice crystal could develop in the absence of such an agent, but it would lack the energy to grow larger. The newly formed ice crystal will revert to a liquid state, and the liquid water will continue to cool until it becomes supercooled. The evident difference between supercooled and ordinary water extends beyond the temperature: cooler liquids are 20% less dense. The liquid becomes unstable when it is in this condition, at a temperature below its freezing point.

A contaminant in the liquid, such as dust particles, can solidify little ice crystals as they grow under normal circumstances. The molecules will form a weak bond with the alien item, triggering a chain reaction as additional molecules attach to the expanding mass. As a result of impurities, the change from liquid to solid, or from water to ice, occurs. So, if you want to brew your own super-chilled beverage, skip the tap water and hazy beers: They're overstuffed, which means they're more likely to freeze than super-chill.

Crystallization begins at a single point in both supercooled and conventionally frozen liquids. It's more likely that crystallization will begin toward the bottom of the bottle. The cold air will first chill the liquid molecules closest to the bottle's surface, causing the colder molecules to descend to the bottom. The entire bottle solidifies in five to ten minutes. In a supercooled liquid, however, freezing occurs around the impurity, which can be anywhere in the container, and quickly spreads from there.

You may also use supercooling to make water freeze into ice almost instantaneously. Prepare to wow friends and guests with the seemingly supernatural ability to transform water into ice right before their eyes with a little forethought.


  • A couple water bottles (not tap water). Even if tap water is safe to drink, it is likely to have too many pollutants to allow it to chill without freezing. This method works best with distilled water, but I was able to get the same effect using bottled water.
  • 1 liter of tap water (as an indicator)
  • Optional: Several bottles of beer or fruits. Choose a brand with a transparent bottle, like Corona, so you can see what you're drinking. Because bubbles might cause the beer to freeze, consider opening it a little to alleviate the pressure before putting it in the freezer. That way, if you try to open the bottle later, the unexpected bubbles won't cause the beer to crystallize before you can enjoy it.
  • Ice cubes or popsicle chunks
  • A big bowl
  • Polystyrene cup (optional)

How to make slushy water

  • Place the beverage you wish to cool in the freezer's most inaccessible area.
  • When the tap water freezes, you'll know the distilled water is ultra cold and ready to use (from now on, I'll refer to the super-chilled water as "distilled water" to avoid confusion). Because beer contains alcohol, it may take a bit longer to superfreeze. However, if the distilled water isn't ready yet, you may always try one of the beer bottles.
  • It will take roughly two hours for distilled water to become extremely frozen, although the time may vary depending on the strength of your freezer. Start monitoring the bottles every 15 minutes after an hour and a half has elapsed. Remove the bottles from the freezer once they're ready. Keep in mind that frozen beer bottles might burst, so proceed with caution.
  • Your super-hot, super-cold beverage is now ready to drink! To begin, in a large mixing basin, insert one ice cube or popsicle (for color contrast). The liquid should then be carefully poured over the ice. Before your eyes, the supercooled liquid will convert into a paste. If you've created beer, now is the time to drink it.
  • There are a few additional things you can do with distilled water that you've chilled. Grab a second bottle and tap it on the table or smack it with your palm. Ice will appear apparently out of nowhere in reaction to this energy. Pouring water into a plastic cup is another technique (you can also prepare it in advance by superchilling the water in a cling film instead of a bottle). Put an ice cube in water and watch the ice crystals form around it.

2. Some Recipes of Slushy

  • Watermelon Slushies: Use Watermelon kool aid or any watermelon-flavored drink mix powder to make a watermelon slushie. If preferred, top with a wedge of fresh watermelon.
  • Lemonade Slushie: Make a slushie with powdered lemonade drink mix and the instructions below.
  • Use strawberry kool Aid and follow the guidelines below to make a strawberry slushie.
  • Soda Slushie: In the recipe below, replace the water with chilled Club Soda.
  • Layered Slushie: Combine two, three, or more flavors and colors of Kool Aid to make a layered slushie. There is one for each tier. Make one layer at a time in glasses or cups, following the steps below. Place glasses in the freezer between layers. Make a second layer and set it on top of the first, and keep going until you have the desired outcome!

It just takes 5 minutes to prepare these; simply combine all ingredients in a blender and process until smooth. You can add extra ice if necessary; however, we haven't had to do so yet. As previously said, you may combine tastes to achieve the greatest flavor. It's preferable to eat them straight away rather than freezing them for later.


It's no longer difficult to enjoy slushy water at home. It's very simple to create with affordable and readily available components. So, whether you're having a hot day or want to switch up your drink, don't overlook a slushy. I hope that the preceding tips on how to make slushy water will be of great assistance to you. Are you prepared to host a party at your house?

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