How To Choose Soda Machine

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Soda machines are taking up more space in kitchens and home buffets and bars. The soda machine is suitable for soda drinkers of all ages, it also helps you control the amount of gas in it.

Moreover, this carbonated appliance allows you to make your own carbonated water/carbonated water.

You just need a CO2 tank installed in the body that decarbonizer the water making it sparkling. So how to choose a soda machine.

1. How does a soda machine work?

How To Choose Soda Machine

To use the soft drink maker, you need to install a compatible gas tank (filled with CO2) first into the machine. A compatible drinking water bottle should then be filled to the maximum mark with water and placed in the machine.

Depending on the manual or automatic machine, press the button to the level of carbonization you want, for manual machines, it is necessary to hold the button longer, or for multiple presses, some models have a lever.

Furthermore, water from a refrigerator at 5°C can hold about 1.5 times more carbon dioxide than water from a faucet at 20°C. Therefore, you should use cold water, as it helps keep the process going. better carbonation, but low-temperature water will dissolve more gas. Water from a refrigerator at 5°C can hold about 1.5 times more carbon dioxide than water from a faucet at 20°C.

Besides, depending on the amount of water you drink and your family, you will need more bottles. Although the process is similar for all types of soft drink machines, there are differences in usage. For example, the installation of air cylinders in some models is more awkward than in others.

2. The brand for the soda machine

How To Choose Soda Machine

The SodaKing and SodaStream bottles can make up to 60L of carbonated water but this will vary depending on how bubbly you want. Among them, the market leader is SodaStream, whose models include simple manual machines that allow control of the nozzle, classic machines that deliver soda water in glass bottles, and automatic devices with settings. The carbonation set is pre-set.

The other brand is SodaKing, many machines are compatible with SodaStream gas cylinders such as the SodaKing branded bottles.

Philips and Aarke make sleek third-party machines that also use SodaStream cylinders.

Soft drink manufacturers SodaStream and SodaKing are supplied with at least one of the private label gas cylinders to get you started, suitable for up to 60L, but if you are using other brands, a purchase is required. separate gas tank.

3. Types of the soda machine

There are two types of soda machines: automatic and manual.

  • Automatic soda machine: requires power. At the same time, you can choose from pre-set carbonate levels, which are good for accurately and consistently quantifying the amount of foam in drinks such as level 1 to level 3.
  • Manual soda machine: has a manual control button that allows carbonation for as long as you want, but it takes many repetitions to achieve desired carbonate results. This action will be repeated every day so it is easy to carbonize. They usually do not require an external power source.

4. How to swap soda cans

How To Choose Soda Machine

You can swap out SodaStream cylinders at a service station. Supermarkets, appliance stores, and some newsstands.

You only need to pay a fee of $19 per cylinder if you exchange it with a new one or $35 if you want spare parts or don't have the old one to exchange.

At the same time, SodaKing allows the exchange of boxes for new ones at independent supermarkets including IGA, some newsstands, and convenience stores.

5. Easy to remove/assemble the box

How To Choose Soda Machine

Surely you won't need to mess around with twisting and unscrewing the case. This is simple and quick to do without too much disassembling or turning the device upside down.

6. Easy to install the bottle

How To Choose Soda Machine

Clicking on the bottle is a process that needs attention.

Since there will be some models that require screwing the bottle in and out, this is difficult when the bottle is full. Furthermore, it is imperative that you hold the carbonate tip at an angle and then twist the bottle with one very difficult hand.

7. Drip tray

How To Choose Soda Machine

This is also a very useful accessory if you put too much carbonate and the water spills out of the bottle.

8. Operation light

How To Choose Soda Machine

This is a device that will be suitable and often goes with automatic models.

9. Size of the soda machine

How To Choose Soda Machine

This you need to ensure that it will fit on the bench.

10. Expiry date on the bottle

This is also a pretty important feature, from time to time you will encounter some bottles of drinking water that may have expired. Because they are subjected to repeated pressure from the carbonation process and cannot be used forever. The degradation will appear over time.

Conversely, if there is no visible wear and tear and it is not dishwasher safe or exposed to direct sunlight, we recommend that you look at the shelf life as a rough guide, especially if it is unused.

11. Frequency of use

How To Choose Soda Machine

You should choose according to the volume of the air cylinder of the model. Since the gas bottle is a container for refilling CO2 allows gasification of water. A gas tank for domestic or intensive use will gasify from 50 to 130 liters of water.

Each brand has its signature bottles. Therefore, the replacement cylinder needs to be of the same brand and the same model.

If for occasional or personal use, it is recommended to use a soft drink maker with individual small cartridges.

However, be aware that refueling in the second model will cost more. Depending on the frequency of use, you choose a soft drink maker.

12. Design and Quality

Having carbonated water or a soft drink maker is handy because you don't have to carry a bag of bottles every time you go out, even though you don't have to fill up your fridge to have a refreshing drink on hand.

To choose a carbonated water and soft drink machine, you should choose according to your design preferences. Then check the material used for the bottles or containers. If they are made of plastic, unlike glass, they are not dishwasher safe.

Besides, choose products that have a more modern, elegant overall look and feel (colors, overlays, and shapes).

13. Powered by gas, electricity or batteries

How To Choose Soda Machine

Some soda machines are fully automatic, others are battery operated or require an electrical connection.

The battery-powered device allows you to take it for a picnic on vacation if you want. Energy-saving soda machine. They consume low power consumption capacity.

14. Plastic or glass bottles

Cost-effective soft drink bottles are made of plastic or glass. Both have their pros and cons:

Bisphenol A-free plastic bottles; make them compatible with food consumption. Their capacity is larger (up to a liter), and it is easy to clean them by hand.

Some people see the ecological aspect of glass containers, especially some items that can be put in the dishwasher. However, their capacity will be less.

15. Snap Lock Mechanism

How To Choose Soda Machine

This is also an attractive feature for users, almost all soft drink and beverage dispensers are equipped with an inconvenient screw fixing system.

Besides, it is considered a rather complicated system and it takes some time to achieve solid fixation. Some brands have upgraded to super modern photography and lock fixing systems that are quite simple to use. You simply insert the bottle, and it is instantly fixed with one click.

16. Gasification level

A good soda machine will provide at least two levels of carbonization. This will allow controlling the amount of gas entering the user's beverage.

Indeed, carbonated water has a certain amount of gas going from the highest to the minimum. Depending on the desired level and intended use, and health condition, there will be some levels of gas that may be allowed, and others that may not be.

So choose a soft drink machine that includes a gasification meter.

17. LCD / LED screen

How To Choose Soda Machine

Some brands may offer LCD or LED displays, allowing you to know the level of gasification to your liking. In particular, the Sodastream brand provides a display on 3 levels of gasification, the first level is for lightly carbonated water, and the second level is for gaseous water.

However, this device still requires a battery.


Sharing information about soda machines can help you entertain easily while ensuring your daily water intake. Whether it's regular carbonated water or flavored carbonated drinks, you should need a soft drink dispenser that can make your water carbonated.

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