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How To Choose Percolator For Coffee

By JulieLast update: 2023-07-24

On the market today, many coffee machine designs come with different features. So how to choose a percolator for coffee?

So we've put together some curated information that you need to consider to choose the best-brewed coffee.

1. Calculate long-term costs

This is an important aspect that you need to consider when choosing a coffee machine. This was determined to be because the coffee tint was not designed for single use. So when you buy a coffee machine that's designed to be a one-time service; you need to put money into buying the necessary capsules and pods consistently.

When buying a dripper, you will have to buy new beans or grounds and filters regularly. In particular, between the two styles, you should weigh and check which one best fits your budget.

2. Ideal temperature for brewing

Usually, coffee machines have an ideal brewing temperature between 1960F and 2050F. A machine at a high temperature will be very suitable for those who like to drink brewed coffee.

The brewing temperature is usually indicated on the top of the coffee maker. Sometimes information is still missing, and if this is the case, you do not need to buy this machine.

3. Assess an individual's coffee-drinking habits

Before buying a coffee machine, you should understand how often and how much coffee you drink in a day. If you're someone who can't finish a cup a day, a single-serve espresso machine is perfect. For individuals who love coffee, buying a large pot will be the most appropriate choice. Anyway, you need to buy a coffee maker capable of holding up to 12 cups.

4. Consider the special features of the percolator for coffee

You should consider checking on the coffee maker before you buy. For people who do not have much time, and are always busy at work, an automatic starter will be perfect. Furthermore, several coffee machines automatically shut off, ideal for those who are always in a hurry to get to work.

5. Percolator for coffee accessibility and cleaning

When you buy any coffee absorbent, learn how easy it is to clean or access. It is advisable to check how easy it is to turn the lid open and how wide it is to add coffee.

At the same time, these features are essential because they will make your job easier when operating the coffee machine.

On the other hand, to make sure the machine can fit your kitchen or lifestyle. You should check if the machine can be cleaned in the dishwasher or must be cleaned by hand.

6. Matching Carafe

Choose and rate the carafe that suits you best. You also need to consider other than the visual difference between stainless steel versus glass, thermal caramel.

For the glass pot, you can observe how the coffee beans are being brewed. And they often have an open design that allows the aroma of fresh coffee to permeate the kitchen.

If you like making coffee with natural aromas, then the glass model will be right for you. But if compared with a stainless steel pot, a glass pot tends to keep coffee warm for about 20 minutes while a stainless pot keeps about 1 hour.

Stainless-steel basins are usually cleaned by hand while glazed designs are cleaned in the dishwasher.

7. Speed and innovation

Although this feature is not necessary for individuals; some consider it important. Speed will be of the essence for some as some espresso machines take minutes to prepare, while others take seconds to brew. To choose the right one, you should rely on the taste.

Steaming and brewing are some aspects to keep in mind. The best way is to assess the full amount of water, so the possibility of renewing the coffee color absorber should be highly considered.

8. Friendly using

The coffee machine will provide you convenience. A clear instruction manual makes it easy for an individual to operate with ease. Or some buttons are essential when operating the coffee machine, buttons include:

Coffee flavor: is a coffee maker to maintain the strength of coffee to match the taste of coffee enthusiasts.

Pausing the brewing process allows you to add a sufficient amount of high-quality coffee.

Water filling

Drip trays make it easy to clean and prevent spills.

Adjustable Heater Plate: this allows you to tailor it to your personal preferences.

9. Constructed percolator for coffee

Once you have selected the right coffee maker, the other feature you should consider to evaluate is the goodness of the body. The body will usually refer to the durability and age of the machine.

With some great coffee delivery machines; they don't last long, and tend to rush and break after a short period of use.

Therefore, you should evaluate both the interior and exterior features of the coffee machine. We recommend stainless steel coffee tints which are good for you as they last longer and won't rust.

10. Filters

There will be three types of filters you need to consider, metal filters, paper filters, and water filters. Paper filters, because they have positive health benefits; Aids in cholesterol removal. But, paper filters are intended for single use only.

The metal filter can be used many times; In return, you need to clean up consistently. Currently, several designs of filters are available in the market. Also, if you love strong coffee, a metal or gilded filter will suit you.

11. The technology of percolator for coffee

Several coffee absorbents have superior technology, and these features often depend on preference. Some of the features available in today's coffee machines include;

  • Water level indicator
  • Precise incubation time
  • Automatic cleaning
  • Auto-off


As we've outlined the essentials for How To Choose Percolator For Coffee, hopefully this article will help you when choosing a coffee maker that's right for your needs. And keep the above things in mind to be able to buy a good product.

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