Different Types Of Grills

By JulieLast update: 2024-07-11

Grills include grills with grooves and baking pans, baking trays, which are convenient items that help you enjoy moments with family, friends and loved ones with delicious grilled dishes right in your home without going anywhere.

On the market today, there are also quite a few types of grills, with many shapes and materials belonging to the price segments of different brands. So, what are you waiting for, refer to this article to learn how to choose the most popular grill on the market today.

Advantages of the grill

The grill serves the needs of you and your family to eat grilled foods such as electric grill, smokeless grill, gas grill, charcoal grill, etc. So what are the advantages of the grill so that you can choose to buy this type of grill?

  • Suitable for outdoor space: no need to pull wires, sockets, just a grill and mini stove, you can chill with a hearty barbecue.
  • Save time, space and costs: When using an electric grill, you do not need to prepare the grill and accompanying tools such as plugs, wires, and lighters, helping you save money. preparation time and space on the move.
  • There are many types of shapes to choose from: Grills come in many different sizes and shapes, you can freely choose according to your intended use.
  • Highly durable and easy to use: The grill is usually made of stainless steel and metal alloy materials with high durability, anti-rust, simple structure, so it is easy to use, clean and maintain.

How to Choose a Grill

Choose the Type of Grill according to Cooking Preferences

Grills also have many types, suitable for many different grilled dishes, grilled meat, sautéed, grilled vegetables, grills can also be used for frying and frying food. Depending on your cooking preferences to choose the right type of grill.

Slotted Grill Grid For Greasy Grills

The grill is designed in the form of a griddle, with many grooves, of equal size and distance, it is these openings that help the fat of the meat during the roasting process flow out, making the barbecue delicious, crispy and delicious. reduce fat.

Some types of grills also design a tray that comes with the grill, which has the effect of catching the fat of the meat during the grilling process, ensuring hygiene.

Flat Grate For Pan-Fried Dishes

The grill is usually designed in the form of a pan, with the advantage of a large cross-section, which is very suitable for grilling large-sized meats, pan-frying, and vegetables.

In addition, the grill can also be used for frying and frying food. When going on an outdoor picnic, just this 1 grill and a mini gas stove can solve all problems.

Choose the Right Size For The Eating People’s Number

On the market today, grills are also quite diverse in designs and sizes such as square, round, rectangular grills, etc., you can completely choose the grill according to your favorite shape.

Moreover, depending on the needs and number of users to choose the right size blister for the number of people eating. Small grill with a diameter of 20 - 25 cm for 1-2 people to eat, family or friends gathering to eat and drink, you should choose a larger size grill, a grill diameter of 30cm or more will help you barbecue more. hearty, can bake more dishes.

Choose Anti-Rust, Non-Stick Material

The grill is a product that comes in direct contact with food, so it is necessary to consider the material of the grill. For grills with outside paint, it is recommended to check if the paint is durable, peeling, sticking to the meat during the grilling process. Should choose types of blisters made from stainless steel, steel, anti-rust and non-stick metals to ensure safety during use and storage.

Choose Less Details, Smooth If You Want Easy Clean

For baked goods, it is quite greasy and there is a lot of burnt food stuck on the grill, hindering the process of use and cleaning. Therefore, you need to choose a grill with few sophisticated details, simple structure and easy to clean.

When cleaning and washing the grill, it is necessary to wash the top, bottom, grill and griddle tray, so you need to choose products with few protrusions, flat grilling surface.

Some types of grill suggested for you

1/ Square/Round Non-Stick Grill

Good Anti-Bacterial And Heat Resistant

The blister is made of high-quality aluminum, which is quite thick, covered with a layer of anti-bacterial, anti-stick granite, preventing the formation of carcinogenic Benzopyrene, ensuring food hygiene and safety.

Designed with two square and round designs for users to choose according to their preferences, the pan has good heat conductivity, making the barbecue process easier and easier to control. At the edge of the grill, there is a groove design to catch the excess fat flowing from the meat, making the barbecue more delicious and anti-boring.

2/ Enameled Grill

Clean Design Easy to Use

The grill is made of stainless steel, the outside is covered with a non-stick enamel, ensuring the safety of the food when it is cooked. The design includes a grill and a grease tray with a diameter of about 30cm, comfortably allowing you to bake a variety of foods at the same time without having to wait long.

When organizing an outdoor party, going to the beach or having a picnic, just this grill and a mini stove is enough for you to create a delicious barbecue.

3/ Anti-battle

4 Layers Food Safety Non-Stick

Made of solid die-cast aluminum, the outside is covered with high-quality stone with 4 perfect non-stick layers, helping to prevent rust and non-stick for baking more delicious. In the middle, there is a grease hole along with the surface of the baking pan with a soft pattern design, helping the fat to flow to the edge of the pan, not being deposited in the meat.

Has good heat conductivity, helps radiate heat throughout the grill, wide to help bake more dishes, without having to wait for too long.

4/ Stainless Steel Grease Grill

Grate With Gap, Combined with Convenient Grease Tray

The smartly designed grill includes a wide-diameter grill and a larger-diameter grease tray, which is extremely convenient. Compact size, easy to use and clean, convenient to carry around in picnics, going to the beach.

Material made of stainless steel, anti-rust, non-stick helps limit the burning of baking, creating a burnt smell, ensuring a delicious taste for baked goods. This grill with a grease tray can be used for many types of stoves such as gas stoves, electric stoves, alcohol stoves, infrared cookers, etc. very conveniently.

5/ Convenient Non-Stick Square Grill

The square-shaped cast iron grill of Huynh Anh brand is made of cast iron material, has anti-rust effect, gives off heat quickly to help food cook evenly without fear of burning.

The grill diameter is 30cm, which is comfortable to bake foods to save more time. The design of the pan with a convex pattern to create slots for excess fat to flow out, after reuse, can be easily disassembled and cleaned.

6/ Grill Grid With Handle And Convenient Grease Separation Slot

The non-stick grill is made of ADC12 aluminum material with good heat conductivity, radiating heat to the entire grill, helping the food to be exposed to heat and cook more evenly.

The surface of the grill is designed into alternating convex and concave bars, creating grooves to store fat secreted from the meat. Moreover, the design has 2 handles for easy operation and installation when using. There is a slot to pour grease out of the blister when the amount of fat in the blister is too much.

7/ Cast iron grill

Transfer Function and Fast Heat Absorption

Made from hardened cast iron material, the outside is covered with 2 layers of non-stick to make the cooking process easier. The heart of the grill is designed in a groove, creating a gap to store the grease secreted from the food during cooking, ensuring a more delicious dish, without affecting health.

Suitable for many objects, depending on the purpose and number of people dining to choose the right size of baking pan.

8/ Grid with handle design

Solid Handle, Nice Design

Made of high-quality aluminum, the design of 2 sturdy handles is easy to grip and move, the yellow silicone coated handle with heat-insulating material, avoids burns and brings high aesthetic effect.

The grill is round, 26cm in diameter, compact and convenient, serving the needs of small families or people living alone.


We all know there are different fuel and heating sources that can be used while baking. Each of these fuel sources has its own advantages and disadvantages, with some being able to alter the overall flavor of the food you cook. Please consider carefully! Before you decide which type of grill best suits your lifestyle, consider your space and cooking style.

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