Different Types Of Bong Percolators

Last update: 2023-01-28

You will have many perks when smoking a straw with a dry bong, with different types of percolators it is not complicated to operate. They all break down the smoke (or vapors) and filter it through bubbling water to give the smoke a cooler and smoother taste. We have selected Different Types Of Bong Percolators for your reference.

1. What is a Percolator?

Different Types Of Bong Percolators

The Percolator is a filtration system that is attached to the water mains. They are capable of diffusing smoke to provide a smoother and cooler smoking experience. Accompanying it is a colored set that is inserted into the bong, but you can also purchase additional bong accessories.

Then, adding mordant to a bong or dab rig can improve the smoking experience by cooling the smoke before it reaches the lungs. As it helps filter smoke deeper for a cleaner smoking experience.

2. How do Percolators work?

The operation of the percolator is based on one principle: color percolation.

First, smoke will start to come out in the water pipe compartment. Here, you inhale, you will pull the smoke up further through the chamber and into the absorbent pad.

Often this area is also filled with water. And the smoke is filtered into the chamber through the tube, then the shape of the absorbent makes the smoke then cool and be diffused through the absorbent.

As the smoke continues to pass through the absorbent sheets, it must move through the water in the upper chamber of the water pipe, creating a seepage effect, which causes the smoke to be filtered a second time and cools considerably.

In general, the percolator works on blotting paper and cools the smoke in the plumbing by passing it through an additional filter layer and the water in a second separate chamber.

Honeycomb Bong Percolators

Different Types Of Bong Percolators

Is one of the best among elite-level bongs. They are extremely efficient thanks to their shape and the number of holes inside a honeycomb with up to 100 holes. This is combined with a flat honeycomb surface that provides a smooth experience and the small plates, which fit right inside the bong tube.

The honeycomb platter is also easy to use in conjunction with other hard drives or stacked on top of each other. The downside of honeycomb bubbles is having to clean them often, but this small drawback is well worth the results.

Tree Bong Percolators

Different Types Of Bong Percolators

This type typically has one to eight individual flow paths or tributaries, although they may have more than a dozen. Smaller models have a doubletree with two or a triple tree with three trees. In general, more arms come with intricate glass work in the bong, meaning high-end percolators that are difficult to craft.

The tree percolator set is very simple but effective. In the bong tube, there are a series of "branches" of rods or trees with multiple slits on each branch hanging under a canopy-like dome and running down the chamber. Then split the smoke between different paths along the arms tree and push it through multiple slits creating more diffusion.

In the early recycling machines, the tree perc bong was difficult to clean and fragile, but reduced splashing and did not pull, including diffuse.

Dome Bong Percolators

Different Types Of Bong Percolators

A dome shader has a small dome at the bottom of its chamber. This allows the smoke to pass through the dome and diffuse through a series of slits or holes into the water bong. Usually, smoke dome absorbents with a single large dome and a separate water column. At the same time, there are still some designs with triangular domes with holes or slots arranged in various patterns.

Fritted Disc Percolators

Different Types Of Bong Percolators

In the most powerful percs, the crumb disc color blotter is like a honeycomb, especially the stacked version. As the debris binds together the glass fragments with small gaps between them diffuse and absorb the smoke. With more holes, with smooth brushing and more bubbles, even more, cleaning.

Inline Bong Percolators

Different Types Of Bong Percolators

Inline shaders are basic horizontal tubes with internal slits. More slits mean more color penetration. Many bong percs can have inline percs in them, with the common element that absorption occurs right in the path of the smoke as it moves between the bubble body into the chamber. Usually, very simple bong tubes consist of inline perc.

Ring Bong Percolators

Different Types Of Bong PercolatorsAlso known as disc or aura percolator, the tree percolator. The basic difference between a tree percolator and a ring percolator is that a single bent stem is in the shape of a ring connected to a bent U shape with holes that wind themselves around the stem up.

The highlight of the ring percolator set is that it can provide a stretch even for a mini bong. At the same time, allowing them to deliver smooth, consistent shots without the tart aftertaste compared to cheaper models.

Showerhead Bong Percolator

Different Types Of Bong Percolators

As the name suggests, directs the smoke through a tube, then into the porous disc-shaped piece of glass, and finally into the main chamber. These are a popular choice because they are easy to clean and maintain and offer plenty of power and durability.

Matrix Bong Percolator

Different Types Of Bong Percolators

It is a form of showerhead color blotters stacked or laminated in the middle of the bong with lots of space around them for effect. More holes mean a lot of bongs, with good filtering but very difficult matrix percs to clean.

Spiral Bong Percolator

Different Types Of Bong PercolatorsAs a form of coil absorbent, the spiral perc moves the smoke through the coil to improve cooling efficiency and create beautiful images. It acts as the scanner and is the best shape of the coil. Similar to the ring shader, it offers a smoother, longer stretch than many other styles.

Turbine Bong Percolators

Different Types Of Bong Percolators

It offers great aesthetics coupled with serious functionality. Instead of creating bongs, the shape of the color-permeable turbine automatically sends water up the sidewalls of the pipe, directing it into an actual mini-vortex. It will provide incredible images and effective filtering capabilities.

Faberge Egg Percolator