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Casserole Recipes Vegetarian

By JulieLast update: 2023-07-24

If you're tired of boring casseroles, check out this list of delectable vegetarian casseroles. With so many delectable dishes to select from, you'll soon rediscover your love of the traditional. The following vegan-friendly, healthful, and fulfilling dishes range from sweets to supper. With a delightful hash brown muffin or a bright and effervescent zucchini cream cheese casserole, there's much to select from. A plethora of vegetables, fruits, and tastes. Warm up with these casserole recipes vegetarian and go meatless every day.

1. Casserole Recipes Vegetarian

Casserole of blueberry French toast

Casserole Recipes Vegetarian

Casserole of blueberry French toast is the first one on list casserole recipes vegetarian. You know a dessert combination of blueberry cheesecake and French toast would look somewhat like this dish. The bottom of a casserole dish is stacked with slightly stale bread (to absorb up the delightful fruity juices!) and topped with blueberries, cream cheese, milk, eggs and maple syrup.

Baked spiced fruit

Casserole Recipes Vegetarian

This is a quick and easy breakfast dish loaded with a colorful mix of fresh fruits. The major component is apple, but it's also accompanied by pineapple, pears, peaches, and a hint of cinnamon. Toss in a handful of pomegranate seeds and crisp toasted nuts for a healthful and tasty breakfast.

Casserole with mushrooms and rice

Casserole Recipes VegetarianThis vegan dish is surprisingly creamy despite being dairy-free, due to the decadent cashew sauce. The thick and rich soup provides the ideal foundation for a heaping dish of oniony, garlicky mushrooms. With a crispy whole-wheat topping, this dish is holiday-worthy and party-ready.

Casserole with potatoes and broccoli

Casserole Recipes Vegetarian

Casserole with broccoli, potatoes is also one of the vegetarian casserole recipes you should not ignore. This buttery potato casserole is a substantial side dish that may be served on its own. This dish, made with a cheesy (but vegan!) bechamel sauce is ideal for youngsters who refuse to eat their greens. They'll be too preoccupied with the creamy richness to see the broccoli florets hidden within.

Casserole of black beans

Casserole Recipes Vegetarian

This black bean casserole is the ideal one-dish supper, packed with beans, grains, and vegetables. Every bite is tasty and pleasantly spicy, due to a sprinkle of chili powder, smoky paprika, and cumin. Fill your next burrito with this one, or eat it straight from the plate.

Casserole of broccoli

Casserole Recipes Vegetarian

Anyone following a plant-based diet will like this creamy dish, which manages to be both luxurious and nutritious. The thick mushroom sauce is to blame. Pour it over the broccoli, sprinkle with cracker crumbs, and bake. It's difficult to think that something so pleasurable can be so basic.

Baked cream cheese pasta

Casserole Recipes Vegetarian

Warning: this cheesy pasta bake is really addicting, and you'll want seconds, if not thirds. Simply layer the pasta, cream cheese, vegetables, and tomatoes in a casserole dish and bake.

Baked broccoli hash browns

Casserole Recipes Vegetarian

You also can try baked cream cheese pasta on list casserole recipes vegetarian. If you enjoy hash browns but dislike the fat that normally accompanies them, you'll enjoy this dish. For a nutritious, hearty side, freshly grated potatoes are covered with a homemade vegan cheese sauce and baked with broccoli.

Casserole of chili cornbread

Casserole Recipes Vegetarian

With a layer of vegan chili on top of flaky cornbread, this truly is a feast in a plate. The bread soaks up all of the delicious spicy tastes while the chili simmers peacefully underneath. This is the kind of dish that is beneficial for both the body and the spirit.

Casserole of cauliflower

Casserole Recipes Vegetarian

Cauliflowers are popular among vegans and vegetarians, and it's simple to understand why with this dish. In this kid-friendly dish, soft cauliflower serves as the perfect vehicle for a rich, creamy sauce and crispy bread topping.

Casserole with cranberries, pecans, and sweet potatoes

Casserole Recipes Vegetarian

This is an autumn classic, but it's so excellent that you'll make it for holidays, birthdays, potlucks, and weeknight dinners. Soft, sliced sweet potatoes serve as the foundation for this delectable meal, which also includes brown sugar pecans and fresh cranberries.

Pudding with corn

Casserole Recipes Vegetarian

Do you want something rich, savory, and sweet? Corn pudding is the dish you didn't know you needed but must try. It's a sweet, custardy meal perfect for BBQs, potlucks, or as a filling supper side.

Casserole of green beans

Casserole Recipes Vegetarian

This list would be incomplete without including an old favorite: green bean casserole. The traditional side is veganized here, with beans cooked in an almond milk sauce and topped with mushrooms and crunchy onions.

Casserole of hash browns

Casserole Recipes Vegetarian

Hash browns are tasty on their own, but what happens when they're combined with other ingredients? If you like anything creamy and cheesy, you must cook this dish.


Casserole Recipes Vegetarian

Many cooks have been spared from last-minute disasters by lasagna. It's simple but filling, and it's ideal for hungry families or demanding dinner parties. This vegan version is packed with vegetables and avoids dairy by substituting tofu-cashew cheese for the traditional ricotta.

Gratin of brussels sprouts

Casserole Recipes Vegetarian

Gratin of Brussels sprouts is the casserole recipe vegetarian you can’t miss in your list casserole recipes vegetarian. Roasting Brussels sprouts is wonderful, but combining them with shallots and garlic in a creamy sauce is much better. Add a breadcrumb topping and bake until everything smells beautiful and does that amazing bubbling thing.

Casserole from roasted butternut squash

Casserole Recipes Vegetarian

This is a great make-ahead casserole for when you need dinner ready to go. Squash, garlic, and parsley meet chopped kale and a pepita-almond parmesan (in a surprising vegan twist). Make it ahead of time, then bake it to perfection when dinnertime arrives.

2. Reasons to Make a Vegetarian Casserole

Vegetarianism, defined as a diet centered on plant-based foods (such as grains, fruits, vegetables, legumes, nuts, and seeds), is growing more popular across the world. Vegetarianism is no longer a choice; for an increasing number of individuals, it is a way of life. It's growing more popular as a diet and a kind deed toward animals.

However, because a vegetarian diet is deemed unhealthy, every vegetarian is subjected on a daily basis to the biases and ignorance of others. The truth is much different, and the only reason people perceive vegetarianism in this light is a lack of understanding about foods that might replace animal-derived meals.

Vegetarians have one trait: they do not consume meat. They are, nevertheless, classified into several categories. As a result, we distinguish individuals who consume dairy products and eggs from those who do not consume dairy products but do consume eggs, vegetarians who consume dairy products but do not consume eggs, and those who eat exclusively plant foods and do not consume dairy products or eggs.

Well-planned and balanced vegetarian diets are appropriate for people of all ages. Food generated from plants may be cooked in a variety of ways and is just as good and exciting as food derived from animals, which is why a rising number of people are choosing this way of life.


If you're tired of the same old baked goods, check out this list of tantalizing and scrumptious vegetarian casseroles. With above casserole recipes vegetarian to select from, you'll quickly rekindle your passion for the traditional meal.

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