5 Best Electric Choppers of 2021

Last update: 2021-03-24

Want to make your dishes better ? While manual kitchen tools such as knife and chopping board are taking from you a lot of time, invention of electric chopper is a best solution to save your time and speed up the preparation process for your meal.

Electric chopper is an appliance that has capacity to chop food up to 6 cups at once, it also can mince and puree ingredients. It can be easily storage by compact and handy design. This device make your cooking life easier in many ways – lighter, smaller and less expensive than full-fledged food processor.

There are several types of electric choppers with various features on the market, which would determine your preferable food chopper. These electric choppers will handle your tasks more quickly than the manual products.

The wide different of electric choppers brands can confuse the buyer in choosing the suitable one. But, when it comes to choosing the best brand electric chopper, it’s important to know the chopper types, blades, material quality, jar capacity, dishwasher-safe, functionality and price.

We are here to help. After a thorough research, we found the following top 5 best electric choppers reviews.

Here are the best electric choppers you can buy in 2021:

  • Best Overall: Presto 02970 Salad-Shooter Electric Chopper
  • Runner Up: Presto 02910 Salad Shooter
  • Most Versatile: BELLA 14641 4-in-1 Spiralizer Electric Chopper
  • Premium Choice: Hamilton Beach 3 in 1 Vegetable Spiralizer & Slicer Electric Chopper
  • Most Powerful: Chefman Spiralizer & Immersion Blender Electric Chopper
5 Best Electric Choppers
Best Overall
Presto 02970 Salad-Shooter Electric Chopper
    Runner Up
    Presto 02910 Salad Shooter
      Most Versatile
      BELLA 14641 4-in-1 Spiralizer Electric Chopper
        Premium Choice
        Hamilton Beach 3 in 1 Vegetable Spiralizer & Slicer Electric Chopper
          Most Powerful
          Chefman Spiralizer & Immersion Blender Electric Chopper

            Best Overall: Presto 02970 Salad-Shooter Electric Chopper

            Presto 02970 Salad-Shooter Electric Chopper
            Presto 02970 Salad-Shooter Electric Chopper
            • Easy to use.
            • Easy to assemble
            • Acceptable price
            • Versatility
            • Easy to clean and remove
            • Little bit heavy
            • Not optimal with soft foods.
            • The plastic body is not proven durable

            Presto 02970 has four interchangeable cones for making regular slices, thick slices, ripple cuts, chops nuts, grates chocolate, even makes bread and cracker crumbs.

            All you need to do is pointing and shooting what you want, everything is well taken care of. Besides, professional-sized slicer/shredder of Presto 02970 offers added power and capacity.

            In addition, it is very easy to cleanup; Base wipes clean, everything else is dishwasher safe. Housing Material of Presto 02970 is Plastic.

            Presto 02970 Salad-Shooter Electric Chopper Specifications
            Product dimensions
            11.5 x 8.5 x 4.12 inches
            Item weight
            3.9 pounds

            A simple and friendly for every housewife in the kitchen.

            Runner Up: Presto 02910 Salad Shooter

            Presto 02910 Salad Shooter
            Presto 02910 Salad Shooter
            • Easy to clean
            • Easy to use and assemble
            • Value for money
            • Sometimes clogging and jamming.
            • Can be stained (white color )

            Presto 02910 is the fast and convenient way to slice or shred vegetables, fruits, and cheese for delicious salads, soups, pizzas, tacos, desserts and more.. It provides convenience during food prep, one ingredient after another can be added without cleaning in between.

            Additionally, interchangeable slicing and shredding cones slip right in that allow you to multitask. Besides, there are no complicated parts to assemble therefore can save your time and energy.

            With its incredible features, you can shoot food right into a salad bowl, into soup or onto a pizza. Motor of Presto 02910 is powerful enough but efficient as it uses 120 V, 60 Hz of power and the output wattage will be 125 watts. It features a stainless blade so you can clean easily and it is also dishwater safe. With the shooter is simple to use, you can slip in interchangeable slicing and shredding cones easily.

            Besides, you can grate chocolate, chop nuts, cracker crumbs and make bread faster and easier. Shoot ingredients right where you want, with no extra bowls to clean! Compact for easy storage. Fits most anywhere. Even in a drawer.

            Presto 02910 Salad Shooter Specifications
            Product dimensions
            11 x 8.9 x 4.2 inches
            Item weight
            2.2 pounds
            Wattage Output
            125 watts

            The electric chopper with superior features.

            Most Versatile: BELLA 14641 4-in-1 Spiralizer Electric Chopper

            BELLA 14641 4-in-1 Spiralizer Electric Chopper
            BELLA 14641 4-in-1 Spiralizer Electric Chopper
            • Thickness
            • Easy to use
            • Works faster and easier than others.
            • Can put the larger size of the piece. Auto-stop prevents minor cuts.
            • Value for money
            • The motor is not powerful enough
            • Easy to break sometimes.

            If you want something like the best vegetable shredder is always a welcome device for you to create magical garnished foods in a very shorter time and you will be happy to see your preparations are being well taken care of. Your Bella 14641 4-in-1 Electric Spiralizer not only helps you in making but also the recipe book that comes with it gives you all necessary inputs for some of the new dishes.

            Bella 14641 Electric Spiralizer transforms fruits, veggies into colorful ribbons and spirals adding flavor and variety to your menu, allowing you to replace noodles with a gluten-free, healthier option. This unit is equipped with 4-rotating blades that can cut your products neatly and also at your preferred size and design. Just a turn of a knob and enjoy ribbons, linguine, spaghetti and shaped fruits and vegetables, and is also perfect for making curly fries. In the other spiralizers have smaller space and only 4” sized fruits and vegetable pieces can fit up, but with Bella 14641, you can cut a full 6” piece into slices in seconds.

            In addition, this spiralizer comes with a unique auto-stop technology that allows the process a complete hand-free and prevents the chance of cutting fingers. It also provides you a complete hands-free cutting. All you need to put your fruits, veggies into the machine and lock it up, after that turn the on button, and see them turning into large ribbons, spaghetti, and curly fries within few seconds. For more features, this Spiralizer is easy to clean and maintain.

            BELLA 14641 4-in-1 Spiralizer Electric Chopper Specifications
            Product dimensions
            12.13 x 5.91 x 7.48 inches
            Item weight
            4 pounds

            The best solution for shredding vegetables and also large foods.

            Premium Choice: Hamilton Beach 3 in 1 Vegetable Spiralizer & Slicer Electric Chopper

            Hamilton Beach 3 in 1 Vegetable Spiralizer & Slicer Electric Chopper
            Hamilton Beach 3 in 1 Vegetable Spiralizer & Slicer Electric Chopper
            • Best device to prepare zucchini noodles and kinds of pasta for weight loss.
            • Great as a spiralizer.
            • Easy to use.
            • 6-cup capacity bowl.
            • Sturdiness
            • Motor heats up shortly after use.
            • The cones sometimes get clogged.

            Foods also need to look well garnished for your liking. To make all these possible you need to own the best electric vegetable spiralizer that creates ribbons of fruits and veggies for simply fun to have.

            If you’re serious about what I have told so far then you may give a try Hamilton Beach 3-in-1 Vegetable Spiralizer & Slicer - a device that surely hits the right cord and makes you give a serious thought of it. The Hamilton Beach 3-in-1 Spiralizer makes creating veggies and fruits fun and simple enough for everyday use.

            With electric power and easy to assemble parts, the 3-in-1 Spiralizer makes prepping a large batch of homemade potato chips or vegetable noodles simple and quick.

            With a metal grip on food pusher help you to holds whatever you slicing securely and 6-cup bowl support you collecting all spirals. Every unit can be neatly nested together for compact storage and all removable parts of device are dishwasher safe.

            Three cutting cones of spiralizer gives you to produce shredded pieces of vegetables into different shapes for your purpose.

            Hamilton Beach 3 in 1 Vegetable Spiralizer & Slicer Electric Chopper Specifications
            Product dimensions
            8.27 x 21 x 8.27 inches
            Item weight
            4.88 pounds

            The best assistant in the kitchen to give you dishes with better eye-catching.

            Most Powerful: Chefman Spiralizer & Immersion Blender Electric Chopper

            Chefman Spiralizer & Immersion Blender Electric Chopper
            Chefman Spiralizer & Immersion Blender Electric Chopper
            • Spiralizer effects for unique garnish.
            • Extra workload by high power motor.
            • Cutting and chopping are shape.
            • Good blending.
            • Versatility.
            • Not enough durable.
            • Process will be slow if it get overheating

            You are the person who looks after the diet of your family should try to do something new to impress and encourage others to take veggies as more as you can. Then go to have Chefman Spiralizer & Immersion Blender Electric Chopper the best for this cause.

            Equipped with a powerful 300 Watt ultra-quiet motor, this immersion hand blender and spiralizer quickly purees soups, blends batters, mixes beverages, spiralized vegetables and more. Chefman Spiralizer & Immersion Blender Electric Chopper is attached with blades, chopper, spiralizers, and whisk. All of them are sharp and strong enough to make every kind of task easy.

            This device can slice into different pattern by having a two-speed button, it is also used as a blender too. With the stick design, we can easily reach at the bottom of mixing bowls. Most of removable parts of it are dishwasher safe which makes you clean it easily. In addition, we can see added features such as lightweight design, easy-to-grip ergonomic handle and simple push-button control.

            Chefman Spiralizer & Immersion Blender Electric Chopper Specifications

            Product dimensions

            15.5 x 9.5 x 6 inches
            Item weight
            4.6 pounds
            Wattage Output
            300 Watt

            Perfect chopper in kitchen with variety attachments for various functions.

            How To Choose The Best Electric Chopper?

            Electric chopper is an important kitchen appliance to minimizes the chopping time by featuring good number of attachments and accessories. While buying electric chopper for home use, you should understand certain parameters chopper bowl capacity, material quality, design… and brands. Let’s discuss each in detail now!

            Capacity of chopper bowl

            This also depends on the type of foods you cut generally or if it is for a multi type. Typical capacity of a chopper bowls will vary from 250 ml to 1 liter and you can choose large capacity chopper for cutting of large quantities of food at a time.

            Material quality

            The material of choppers is really important because you will put your foods directly inside the chopper. It will be not good if the plastic that touches your food contain BPA.

            It’s better to choose a chopper that is made using high-grade, BPA-free plastic material that is durable and sturdy. It is because BPA content products may cause brain, BP and other health issues. So, it’s strictly recommended by healthcare professionals not to use harsh materials which deprive the performance and lifespan of electric chopper.


            Design of the choppers is not big deal but it is better to buy a product that has a handy design because it gives you the ergonomics and the aesthetics of your kitchen. You should not take a bulky one if you like something aesthetically. This device should be small, compact with great in functionality.

            Price and Warranty

            We will end up the buying guide for electric choppers with the price and warranty information. In this article, we both mentioned the high-class and basic choppers to match with the requirements of different users. Choose the relevant model that is suitable for your need and check whether is it in your budget range or not.

            Additional Features

            Apart from the price, warranty and all the other things that were mentioned above, there are a few other additional features one can try out and consider while buying an electric chopper. Things like wattage, removable extra jars, cord wire length, speed toggling.

            Which Brands Make The Best Electric Chopper?


            National Presto Industries is a company founded in 1905 in Eau Claire, Wisconsin in the small kitchen appliances industry. Originally called the "Northwestern Steel and Iron Works" and then becoming the "National Pressure Cooker Company" in 1917, the company produced pressure canners. Beginning in 1939, National Presto Industries introduced small home-use cooking appliances. The company is divided into three business segments (divisions), Housewares/Small Appliance; Defense; and Absorbent Products. The Housewares/Small Appliance segment "designs and sells small household appliances", including pressure cookers, under the Presto brand.


            The Chefman brand exists to fill a void in consumer kitchens by manufacturing truly value-focused kitchen appliances. By questioning and adding value and innovation at every touchpoint in the manufacturer to end user journey, Chefman has provided home chefs with the tools they need to be more efficient and maximize their kitchen spaces. Chefman must always be ahead of the curve when it comes to the wants and needs of the home chef, and we’re looking to utilize our manufacturing prowess & retail distribution to bring your greatest ideas to life.


            Cuisinart is an American home appliance brand owned by Conair Corporation. The company was started in 1971 by Carl Sontheimer to bring an electric food processor to the US market. The "Food Processor" was the first model, introduced at a food show in Chicago in 1973. The name "Cuisinart" became synonymous with "food processor." It is also a portmanteau of "cuisine" and "art."

            Hamilton Beach

            Hamilton Beach Brands Holding Company is an American designer, marketer and distributor of home appliances and commercial restaurant equipment marketed primarily in the United States, Canada, and Mexico, including blenders, mixers, toasters, slow cookers, clothes irons, and air purifiers.

            Until sometime in the 1980s the company's products were marketed under the brand name "Hamilton Beach Scovill", reflecting a merger that occurred in the 1940s. In 1990, the company merged with Proctor Silex, another household appliance manufacturer.


            Finally, we are back from where we had started ,food preparation has never been this easy. There is no need to complicate cooking procedures, and there is an easy way to prepare food. After following all these brands the best of my knowledge, let’s embrace technology and grab for your own best electric choppers. Wishing you for the happy treats for your health.


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